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Web Design and WordPress Solutions Sri Lanka

We know how hard it can be to get a website or WordPress web design that can accurately represent your business or purpose in Sri Lanka or overseas.

That’s why we’re a web designer in Sri Lanka that strives to provide our clients with websites that will help them to generate potential leads and act as a virtual branch for their personal needs.

As our client, we’ll provide you with a simple, modern design that can serve as a one-stop-shop for everything you might need !

personal websites design by freelance web designers in sri lanka


We provide personal websites for our clients so that they can showcase anything from blogs to portfolios.

business websites by best web design and development price list sri lanka


Business websites are some of the best ways for you to provide more people with an accessible way to view and buy your products.

startup websites design by seo web design sri lanka


Not everyone starts off at the same place and we know that, which is why we’re here to fulfill your needs as we go.

websites redesign by wordpress web designer and wordpress web design company


If you’re not satisfied with the website you have, you can count on us to redesign it.

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e-Commerce, WordPress & Web Design Sri Lanka

Affordable webdesign agency in Sri Lanka

At RG Web Design, we put our clients’ needs first. We’re a HTML Static Website design and WordPress web designer that provides our customers with designs that are completely modern and that are mobile-friendly.

While we specialize in providing web design Sri Lanka, Australia, and the United Kingdom, we offer our services to individuals around the world.

At the end of the day, we want our clients to succeed and we’ll do our best to provide you with a website that will help you do so. Whether you’re building a personal website, business website, startup website, or you want to redesign a website, we can help you fulfill this goal!

Some of our Website Design Packages

Business Website - A WordPress CMS based website for your business

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for business owners to integrate their business online. With this package we offer our clients the following:

best wordpress web design company in sri lanka
easy to update wordpress websites for your Construction web design Sri Lanka

Easy to update content

Our WordPress services are some of the most popular because we provide our customers with an interactive and responsive design for clients and visitors.

modern responsive wordpress web design in Colombo, Galle, Kandy and Islandwide

Modern design

At RG Web Design, we want to ensure that our clients have the most impressive modern design possible!

mobile supported responsive wordpress web design sri lanka price

Mobile supported

The websites we design are supported on mobile devices so that your customers and visitors can shop at any time, from anywhere !

All in One Solution - We’re Your One-Stop Website for Your Business With Digital Marketing

We know how important it is for you to maximize the number of services you can get from one company. That’s why we provide you with website building, website design, logo design, content writing, premium hosting, premium emails, and digital marketing!

one of top digital marketing and web design agencies in sri lanka

Features of All in One Solution :

web design and development sri lanka by RG it solutions company in sri lanka

Wordpress CMS Based Website for your business

With our web design services, we provide our customers with an optimized WordPress web design srilanka. This website will suit your needs and will provide your site with a sleek, modern look. In doing so, we also ensure that your site is responsive and easy for potential customers or visitors to use.

Logos and Graphics for Your Website

Your website will need a logo that represents your brand and graphics to make it more interactive. This provides your customers or viewers with a visual representation of what your brand is about.

User Interface, logo and graphic designers in Sri Lanka
Get website content writing services with leading website developers in Sri Lanka

Content Writing for Your Website

One of the best ways to attract visitors to your website is to produce content for them to follow. To help you with this, a professional writer will create content based on your individual needs.

Hosting and Emails for Your Website

Having the right web hosting solution is essential for anyone who wants to have an efficient website. We provide premium hosting so that our clients can have websites that are as fast as possible.

We also provide our clients with Google Apps to serve their premium email needs for business premium emails.

cheap email and web hosting company sri lanka
One of the affordable online marketing companies in sri lanka

Digital Marketing for Your Website

Marketing your website is the best tool for you to generate potential leads. In order to do this, we will use the various marketing techniques at our disposal including, but not exclusive to, Facebook Advertising, Google AdWord Advertising & Natives Ads.

Why do you need a website for your business ?

A modern website will help your business in a number of ways. You will, for example, be able to expand your reach to a broader range of people. When you have a website your for business, you can market and advertise it so that more potential visitors or customers can visit your site and spread information about your products and services. Without a website, you’re limiting your store to the people that visit your physical location.

why my business needs a wordpress website tip by web designing sri lanka

Latest Blog Posts

We post regular blogs to keep you up-to-date with our services and to ensure that you’re always informed about the world of web design. To find out more, here are some of our latest blog posts!

Why Choose Us ?

When you hire us, you’re hiring people who have both training and experience. This means that if any complications arise, we have the knowledge and confidence to deal with these complications right away.

Because we have professionals dealing with your website, we also know some of the best tips and tricks to create the ultimate look of modernity. When you don’t have professionals creating your website, small mistakes can be made that will come into conflict with the design you’re trying to achieve.

With our services, you’ll be saving money in the long run because you won’t have to redo your website design. We’ll handle everything you need so you don’t have to waste money by having touch ups performed!

Best web design price list sri lanka offered by RG web design team
Get your business online with website design company in sri lanka

Web Design and Your Website

There are many things that go into creating the perfect website for your needs. As your web designer in Sri Lanka, we want to make sure that your site represents your business and your overall goal. At the end of the day, your website’s design is your initial marketing tool. From here, people will decide whether they want to choose your business or if they want to travel to another website.

Here are a few things we consider when we’re designing your website.

All About Font

The font that is used on your website has a psychological effect on your visitors. There are two main fonts to consider in web design: serif and sans-serif. Serif fonts are recognizable because they have “tabs” on their letters that make them distinguishable.

For this reason, serif fonts are often used for smaller-sized lettering. With small fonts, the tabs on the end of letters make it easier to recognize individual letters and, thereby, words. Here are examples of serif fonts: times new roman, Georgia, Palatino, and Garamond. Sans-serif fonts, on the other hand, do not have those “tags” on the end of letters. This makes them better for large lettering because they are easy to read and have less chances of being jumbled. Examples of sans-serif fonts including: Arial, Helvetica, and Tahoma.

What fonts to use in website tips by graphic design companies in sri lanka
website design colours tips by best graphic designers in sri lanka

All About Colour

When we’re designing your website, we also consider the colour scheme of it.  Your website’s colour will provide it with a unique look and will reflect the overall image you’re trying to set.

If, for example, you want the overall vibe of your website to be serene and tranquil, we’re going to consider this when we’re building your website. Rather than use bold and in-your-face colours, we’ll tone it down to maintain the modern look you want and the tranquility you seek.

All About Modernity

Providing our clients with websites that look modern is our specialty. In order to do so, we make sure that your site has unique typography. We already told you about fonts; however, it is essential to have the same font flow throughout your website. This creates a sleek and seamless look that is a vital characteristic of modernity.

We can also use images and we create your logo to make your website more interactive and aesthetically pleasing. When we create your logo, we make sure to keep your intentions in mind so that your logo is an accurate representation of your purpose.

modern responsive wordpress web design company in sri lanka

Some Useful Articles

At RG web design company Sri Lanka, we also know how to play with the levels and dimensions of your website. In modern websites, you’ll find that a flat design is often used. That’s because there’s less detail for clients, customers, or visitors to absorb. There is another benefit to using a flat or minimalist design; that being, a minimalist design is easier for pages to load because your system will have less information to process.

If you’re selling products that require images on your page, we’ll also ensure that any product pictures are the right size for your needs. You need product images that provide the detail of your products without being overwhelming.

Interested in getting our services ? Check our packages and web design price list Sri Lanka