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R G Web Design Lanka offer affordable 3d modeling and rendering services in Sri Lanka. R G offers competitive prices while maintaining industry standard is mainly due to our low cost in infrastructure as we keep our 3D modeling and development sector out of the busy city, where the cost of infrastructure is on higher side. So how is the quality of the 3d modeling and animations done by our 3d modeling artists and 3d render artists? Well, it is of the best quality that you could find in Sri Lanka as our 3d designers have a years of wealth in knowledge and years of experience in 3d modeling and rendering. We work with several companies overseas on architectural projects so we keep that same international standard for all kinds of clients on all the projects.

3D Architectural Modeling in Sri Lanka – We use latest techniques and technology in building architectural models in Sri Lanka. We offer interior rendering, exterior rendering, top view rendering, flow chart rendering and 3D walkthrough`s ( 3D video making of your architectural project ). 3D architectural rendering services done by us is ideal for those who seeks a 3dimentional view prior to constructing their dream house, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, public building or any constructional project work in Colombo, Galle, Kandy or any other area in Sri Lanka as well as globally.
3D Character Modeling and Rendering in Sri Lanka – Well characters are important if you’re creating a visual, catalogue or even when creating a modern 3d game. So if you are planning to get characters done with R G Web design Lanka, we do things like human character modeling and rendering, robots character modeling and rendering and other characters where it represent a scene.

What are the services we offer with our 3D Modeling service`s in Colombo, Sri Lanka

3D Object Modeling and Rendering in Sri Lanka – We do object modeling other than the character modeling services in Sri Lanka. We do things like vehicle, vehicle tyre modeling which is needed for prior to real production need to get a better idea. Also we do fruits, vegetables, electronic items aor nay kind of item modeling services in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

3D Visual / Walkthrough creation in Sri Lanka – We do 3D visual creation especially for architectural visualizations when you need to get a promo video done for your property. Also we create affordable videos as TV commercial, Music Visuals and Movie Visuals at half the price that you get in overseas market. How Our 3D modeling process works in Sri Lanka – We will do a careful study of your requirements. If we need more details either we will visit you personally to get those needed details and/or further clarifications at no cost ( We will do visits prior to agreeing on budgets and time in and around Colombo City Limits but travelling to other areas may or may not include an extra cost). Then we will come up with an estimate. If your happy with it, we could proceed with your project and make you happy. So get in touch with us for all kinds of 3D Modeling and rendering services in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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