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Whenever you look around, you will find people staring into a screen, either watching videos or searching for information. And this is what most of the business owners have understood that the real money is online more than ever, and almost each of the business has its website regardless of the scale of their operations. But the key is not just setting up a website for the sake of it; the key is setting up a website that lures people in more than once ( Design + Marketing ).

And making a website is not a joke. It requires work on each detail that is put online. So we, at RG Web design Sri Lanka are one of the few companies that are both creative and professional with their website building services, and so if you are looking to get your website online, we can help you in a great deal with it.

Important Things for a Website

If you have decided to get yourself a website, then here are a few things that are a must for the website to look good and be successful in the long run:

Understanding Objective:

If the objectives are not set out straight, a business can get lost through the way. There is a need for clear objectives for building a website so that all the features and elements that the website possesses are for solely one thing, to meet the company’s objectives and nothing else. This will save a business a lot of resources and also bring the desired returns. That is why; we at RG Web Design Sri Lanka firstly help our clients in identifying the objectives they have with their website.

All businesses need to understand their goal for building a website, or else it will just be a waste of money and time. Any kind of goal can be met with the help of websites, there are a countless number of tools for different businesses to help with, and the important thing is the business should be able to identify what is required!


People often miss out on the fact that a simple small logo makes a big difference. Facebook can be recognized simply by its logo in any part of the world, and that is a big thing. The thing is, the logo should be very simple yet attractive. It should be designed in such a manner that it can carry the weight of the name of the company.

Two things make a logo unique. First one is its simplicity, just notice the logo of Facebook, it is a simple ‘f’ and nothing else, yet it is so beautiful and can justify the company’s name. The second one is; its color. The color of any logo is very important, you might not notice, but different colors have different effects on our mind. Just, for example, the color of Mc Donald’s logo is yellow, you know what yellow signifies, and it signifies happiness. And apart from the fact that they make awesome burgers, their logo also helps them in luring people into their outlets. And we at RG Web Design understand this, and thus always keep it in mind while designing logos for our clients.

Simplicity is the key:

To understand this, just look at Steve Jobs in the launch of first-ever iPhone, his vision was to create a simple phone with one button which can do everything, and that strives for simplicity has brought Apple to the heights no one imagined to reach.

Our team understands this, we have deep insights about how a website works, and that is why we eliminate any threat of complications by keeping it simple. Any user that will come to our websites will not return feeling as he/she could not understand something. Web designing is our specialty and we give our hundred percent towards it.

Ensure good content:

The most important thing for a website is its content. Regardless of the kind of site or the nature of the site it is, its content should be top-notch so that a user may not feel bored or out of place while scrolling through the website.

For this, our team at Web designing Sri Lanka makes sure that the content is filtered with SEO content and that it is at its best form of presentation. We don’t like to leave anything to chances. Good content is what brings people back again and again, and not only do we make sure that the content is good, but at the same time, we keep it relevant to the business goals too.