A website ( even with an elegant design done by the best web designers ) without optimizing to popular search engine like google is like starting a business in a desert where no one knows about your services or products offered. Basically search engine optimization is a process in which we optimize the site to appear in search queries based on your site content. We always use long term reliable white hat search engine optimization techniques. So basically the site may take some time to rank high in search engine where depending on the others among your industry, the ranking may take from 3 months to even a year`s time.

So basically Search engine optimization is a process in which you will be able to get the result of the hard work of us after only a certain period of time. You must be wondering what could be done at the initial stage where site may not be doing well in rankings, We recommend pay per click campaigns in google search engine and popular social media ( latter works well if it is a consumable items like fast foods and even fancy items ) to get some leads.

affordable web design in sri lanka with free hosting and free domain

- Companies or individuals who wants to rank in top ten for popular google search terms
- Those who have patience and willing to wait till your seo fruit ( optimized website ! ) get ripen !
- Those who are able to spend necessary seo fee`s
- Those who are willing to work supportively with us during the campaign

So our seo process is for whom ?

Seo is not the process for following type of company or individuals

- This is not for those who want to jump to the top ten in couple of days.
- This is not for those who thinks of becoming rich without spending.
- This is not something for those who doesn`t have patience.

- We will initially study your website and see how it ranks currently and also we will see wether it is possible to be done or not
- We will update you with our decision where you could decide whether to go for seo with our company or not
- A 3/6 months agreement will be signed by both parties
- Customer has to make a partial or full payment based on our initial reports
- We will carry out your seo plan and will update you on regular basis of current rankings at that time.
- Once 3/6 month is over, you could review the site and see the result of our seo process.
- If we fails, we will do seo for further ½ months and if it still fails, We will pay back your whole amount.

How The SEO process works for your website with R G SEO Solutions ?

How can I maintain the rankings achieved during seo after after campaign is done ?

We recommend you to go for a monthly based ranking maintenance service which will be about ½ o ¼ of cost we calculated per month in initial seo process.

- We will support to maintain ranking only if the customer goes with our maintenance package after search engine optimization service offered by us in Sri Lanka. If the ranking starts going down, we will study the site and see where the exact issue is and then will update you. Also we will let you know how we could help you in getting it back to stability.

What R G Solutions will do if rankings go down after some time ?

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