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Search Engine Optimization is not a new concept it came in advent during the 1990’s.  A website is a medium of reaching its required number and type of audience. The purpose is to spread the information, opinion, or marketing. But just by placing the website on the internet doesn’t help to attract viewers as everything is depended on a search engine. Every search engine works on a particular and unique algorithm which is needed to understand before getting into SEO. Although there are different other methods to increase traffic on a website, but they rather work slower.

How to gather traffic on a website ? / How to get traffic to your website ?

  1. Social media:

Today social media has become part of everybody’s life. People are super active on these platforms; therefore reaching to them has become easy. If you want people to know about your website, then you can post it on your social media account ( Pages, groups etc…). Although the number of viewers fetches by this method would not as great as to generate massive revenue out of it but good to get some traffic and some sales as well.

  1. Advertising:

You continuously see sponsored post on different social media accounts of yours. Though this is an effective method to accumulate traffic on your website but it costs a good amount of money. This is ideal for businesses that require immediate results rather than waiting for months or years.

  1. Search Engine Optimization:

This method has no boundaries when it comes to increasing traffic of audience on a website. It just requires skills, strategy and knowledge about the algorithm on which a search engine works. It may require time, money, hard work and smartness, but it does work at the end. RG web designs, SEO services Sri Lanka, helps customers to optimize their website at a very affordable price.

The competition on the internet is gross. There are millions of websites on the internet that carry the same information as your website but being seen by a maximum number of audience is the key to success.

To know more about increasing traffic on a website, let’s get into different aspects of SEO.


This is the basic terminology used on the internet but plays a greater role than you can actually imagine. It is important to know keywords before entering into the optimization of your web page. The information present in your page is searched in the forms of small keywords. To know these keywords, there are various applications available on the internet which help you to find out recent keywords that are in use and how much potential do they have to fetch traffic on the website.

Content of the webpage:

It is important to understand how content writing has been done on your webpage regarding the information and what is the URL of that page. The name of the URL should contain the keyword related to the information that your page contains so that it can be read and detected by a search engine. This process is known as ‘on-page’ SEO.


This is also one of the kinds of ‘on-page’ SEO where you use coding of the web site to optimize your page as per the algorithm used by a search engine. While doing the coding of a website or a web page, it is important to include keywords in the title and description. Here you may need help of a professional if you are not into coding and technicalities of a web page. RG web designs is one of the best SEO company in Sri Lanka. We are expert in designing the websites in such a way that it can be easily scanned by the robots of a search engine.

URL of web pages:

The name and address of your web page should contain keyword regarding the information your web page carries. The URL of the pages should be easy and readable both for a search engine and user. This process will make the task easy for a search engine when it will dive deeper into the ocean of the website. It will be able to reach to your website easily and quickly. This can be done while coding your website. Therefore hire a professional like RG designs. Error in web page coding can also stop a search engine to pick your website; therefore, correct coding along with optimization is important.

Page speed:

Detecting the speed of your web page is one of the key concepts of SEO. Heavy loaded page with unnecessary coding or information or slow servers makes the loading speed of a web page slow. Test speed of your web page on various applications offered by web developers and designers in sri lanka and accordingly work to unburden it for easily loading and processing.