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Best Web Design Company in Sri Lanka

Do you want to improve your business but you are struggling to attract more number of customers to your website. If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

We at RG web design is one of the top web design company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We have a diverse customer base from all over the world. We have a full-fledged team of professional designers and developers who can help you design your dream website without any pain. What makes us different from others is our attention to even the smallest details. Those small efforts are what make all the difference and it really enhance the user experience.

Why choose our company for designing your website

  1. Parallax design

The parallax effects make your website look more professional and interactive. It creates a kind of 3d effects when someone scrolls down on your webpage. Along with that, it also speeds up the loading time. The average loading time for a website is 3 to 4 seconds and no one really wants to wait longer than that. If your website takes a long time to load, it will create a bad reputation among your visitors. Our expert parallax design team will help you design a fast and professional looking website for your business. Our company have years of experience in web designing and we know how important a website is, that is why we take its utmost care.

  1. Responsive / mobile friendly web design – Experts in Sri Lanka

Responsive web design may be the latest designing trends, but it is a necessity for any website. A website is nowadays accessed on many different platforms and screen sizes. Our company design website which is fully compatible and responsive on all types of devices which can access it. So basically we create web pages which can be easily used on many different type of devices.

This abstract way of thinking and attention to the details makes us the best web design company in Sri Lanka.

  1. Converting PSD to HTML

As a reputed web designing company in Sri Lanka, we know how difficult converting a PSD to HTML can be. But we can help you eliminate the troubles you are having in dealing with other PSD to HTML conversion companies. After converting your website to HTML, we test it on multiple layers to check for any performance issues or errors. We handle everything with love and care and never ignore any single thing, no matter how small it is.

  1. Mobile Web design

Mobile phones have made our lives a lot easier and better. A mobile phone can perform a number of tasks and one such thing is browsing the internet. Nowadays, most of the users prefer using mobile phones for accessing a website in comparison to laptops and desktops. The increasing use of mobile phones for accessing websites makes it important for designers to design mobile-friendly web pages.

Without targeting mobile devices, you can never achieve success in your business. RG Web Design Sri Lanka takes pride in designing best in class websites for mobile devices which are loved by your visitors.

  1. PHP Development

PHP development is a hectic task which requires both skills and experience. Our PHP designing will make things simple for you. We are the best web designers in Sri Lanka and we have a dedicated team of PHP developers. If you have no time to mess with those amateur web designers just hand over the project and ideas and we will convert it into a fully functional website.

Our company covers everything from designs of the applications to its maintenance. In addition to that, we also handle integration to PHP porting and migration and software customization.

  1. Cake PHP Development

For making cutting edge web pages and solution, Cake PHP is an ideal platform. It is a feature-rich platform which has built-in features like Object Relational Mapping framework and Clean MVC Conventions. Thanks to our expert team of qualified professionals, we are one of the leading Cake PHP Development companies in Sri Lanka. With our best in class web design solutions, you will be able to expand your business in the shortest possible time.

We at RG Web Design Sri Lanka are committed to the success of our clients. We know the importance of a website and the role it plays in the success of any business. So if you want to hire the best, there is no one better than us.