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Best Website Design Company in Sri Lanka

Are you looking for the best website design company in Sri Lanka for building your travel website? Since travel websites have to focus on several items like intriguing design, ease of use as well as the addition of a variety of elements that provide functionality to a website, we realize how important it is to find a company that can handle everything from design to content and development in a way that provides you with excellent results.

For travel web design Sri Lanka has several web developers but we provide you with a holistic solution which includes design, development, SEO as well as content. Having worked with clients from different business verticals, we try to understand your goals from the website and use our experience to create a travel website which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also delivers well when it comes to customer experience and maximizing conversions.

These are a few things that we keep in mind when developing a travel website:

  1. Aesthetics to suit the travel viewpoint

Every business has its own unique approach towards its customers. Your unique approach along with the travel industry’s own perspective is combined to create designs which appeal to your audience. Needless to say, photos play a big role in attracting travellers, but so does the overall design and layout of your website, including the manner in which the photos are displayed.

  1. Navigation that doesn’t look too complex

As a travel company you may want to include a lot of offers, packages and options for your customer. This often creates a lot of confusion and makes travel websites look somewhat messy. Customers often lean towards clean websites that make navigation a smooth and seamless process. While they need access to lots of options they need an easily navigable website to find these options.

Complex websites with too many options and features on one page confuse your customers and also distract them from their main purpose of visiting your website. This can decrease conversions and also lead to early exits. 

  1. Design which keeps conversions in mind

The travel industry often requires customers to make bookings on an impulse or by urging them through emotionally tugging or attractive photos which immerse them in the need for a getaway. Keeping these in mind, call to action buttons play an important role and are often required to be placed strategically throughout the website to increase conversions.

Our team of website developers in Sri Lanka create designs and layouts which keep these aspects of conversion in mind to ensure that the website is designed with your business goals in mind. 

  1. Content that adds value

Travelers are often looking for interesting stories, unique experiences shared by other travelers and content that compels them to plan a vacation or a getaway. With insight from our SEO consultant Sri Lanka, our team of content writers provides you with high-quality content that ensures that your website has attractive design as well as content. 

  1. Designed for readability

A clean design which is focused on readability makes it possible for the users to comfortably go through your offers, packages and services with ease. Readable designs make it possible for customers of all ages to go through the information available on your website without any distractions or problems. Readability is also an important part of SEO.

Our team of freelance web designers in Sri Lanka, along with the content writers and SEO analysts ensure that readability is kept in mind when designing or creating any content for travel web design Sri Lanka. 

  1. Promises to improve overall customer experience

We also look at the overall customer experience from the point of view of your audience. By understanding your target audience and their behaviors, we create websites that will provide your audience with an excellent experience from their first click on your website till the time they exit from it.

Everything including the design, font, layout, development, content and marketing strategies are understood from your view as well as from the customer aspect to build quality travel websites.


As one of the best website design company in Sri Lanka, RG Web Design Sri Lanka continually explores the design ideologies which stand out for travelers. This includes researching successful travel websites, identifying their marketing strategies, studying content which ranks high and even finding common design layouts which tend to improve conversions.

This helps us create compelling web designs for your travel website using our experience and market acumen, helping you achieve your business goals more effectively.