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Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Website

Just having a website does not anymore qualify as your presence in the digital world. You need to have a compelling design with all the latest trends or specific features on your website to make it SEO friendly. But sadly, there is more than 80 percent of websites on the internet that continue to make the mistakes, and as a result, these businesses do not attract sufficient internet business. Therefore, as one of the best web design companies in Sri Lanka, we are sharing you some most common mistakes to avoid while designing the website.

  • Too Much Information

Your website is your face of business on the digital world, and if your visitors don’t understand the main info in the first few seconds, then will be leaving. Therefore, your home page as well as the landing page to have target information about the company and the service or products you will with. However, make sure to keep the information to a minimum as the too cluttered website isn’t what people like to view. A website with too much content, tons of images, and other things will only confuse your visitors. So, don’t try and use everything you have in your hand, but be choosy with the classic ones.

  • Too Little Information

Another most common mistake made by website designers is utilizing space for too little content. Minimalistic design is a huge trend right now, but make sure that you use it correctly. Websites that leave too much for the imaginations and overly cryptic aren’t doing so well with the customers. You would definitely want your visitors to know a little about your business and products or services, so tell that to them. Contacting a best website design company Sri Lanka can help you with this problem.

  • Too Confusing

Another thing that can take away your visitors from the website is when it is too confusing. Many websites, when following the first two points for managing the right amount of information and features in a single page, makes it look very confusing. For example, you are using a number of different images, typefaces, color palettes, themes, and content information. This can happen when you want to incorporate all the good design ideas on your website. However, when you do this, the end result can be not too satisfying. So, to avoid this mistake, the best thing is to keep the brand image in mind while designing. The best way to do it is by asking a professional or a freelance web designer in Sri Lanka to do the designing part for you.

  • Using the Whitespace

Content is an essential part of the website and so is the whitespace. Keeping a perfect balance between both is necessary for the website to look great as well as rank higher on the search engines. The content on the website normally conveys its visitors what the company is offering and why should you choose them. Therefore, pay attention to the content, the quantity you post, and the fonts you use for marking up different points. Another thing is to use the whitespace properly to create a perfect mixture of content and whitespace. Break up the content, use images, and place the content in proper design for making it look decent and trendy. For a correct use of whitespace and content, you can always take consultancy from a digital marketing company in Sri Lanka.

  • Using Irrelevant Images

Graphics and pictures play a very important part of your website, should be given similar attention. Images do convey the message fast and clear when compared to the written content. And the best part is that most of the people prefer watching videos and pictures rather than reading the entire website. That being said, you need to pay very careful attention to the images you use for the website. Make sure that the images convey the same message as the content and are not irrelevant to your business or the message.

Another problem with most of the websites is using very low-quality images or heavy sized pictures. Both of the categories are a big No for websites. Low-quality images will make your website look visually unappealing and heavy images will make your websites slower to load. This is why you need to keep a proper balance between both the terms. The best way to get your website designed perfecting while keeping a good balance between all the features and trends is to contact a web design company Sri Lanka, and let them do the website design part for your business.