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Although many believe that basically everything that concerns business today is done online (such as sending emails, signing contracts, networking and even attending meetings and conferences), there’s something important that could not be replaced: business cards.

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Why then have a business card when the internet exists ?

  • Business cards are the first impression that someone has of your brand, and it’s important if that person is a potential connection. If you know someone who can help your brand grow, the logical thing is to give your card and it must look professional, strong, well made, like everything about your job.
  • The most important thing in the business world is networking and sending your brand information via text or mail when you know a potential connection is very impersonal. Words and body language matter, but also a good business card that says everything about you.
  • The business cards show that you’re always ready to do business and make yourself known. They give you a more professional image. In addition, the cards can be shared, doing you a favor in terms of marketing.

What are you waiting for? Get your business card today! We’re a team of professionals in Sri Lanka experts in making your image look like that of the best businessmen, so don’t hesitate to count on us.

Phases of our design process

Our team of professionals in graphic design and business card design will work with you through phases:

  1. Information: we’ll ask you to send us all the information about your business, as well as other files such as: other logos you’ve had, images that you would like to add, etc. (we only accept vectors for ideas of new logos). This way we’ll know how you want us to proceed.
  2. Ideas: let’s study the market and the style you want to conquer, that way we can suggest the best design for you.
  3. Design: our team of graphic designers will take care of making your business card a reality, based on your needs and preferences.
  4. Delivery: once we have your product ready in a fast and efficient way, we’ll send it to you online so you can start using it as soon as possible.

Contact us

For more information on how to obtain your business card or personal card, you can contact us today and we’ll respond quickly. If you want prices, a budget, or if you have questions about other services we offer, you can also contact us. We would love to work with you.

Please Note: we charge 50% of the total amount of the project in advance as a confirmation form. The other 50% can be paid once the client has approved the final product and is satisfied.