R G Web design Lanka offers computer supply and networking at an affordable and on timely manner in collaboration with our hardware solutions providers, UWIN Technologies in Colombo Sri Lanka.
We offer following services for office and industries

Computer Supply – We supply all kinds of branded and assembled computer systems ranging from core 2 duo to i7 processors. RAM and Hard Disk requirement could be adjusted accordingly.

Computer Servers Supply – We supply all kinds of servers for your office and industrial requirement. We could include either linux based server or windows based server. We also help in creating web hosting servers which is ideal for internal usage and storage of data.

Computer accessories for office and industries – We also supply affordable and quality computer accessories for office and industries in Sri Lanka.

Networking – We do wireless and wired computer networking services in Sri Lanka at an affordable rate for your pocket. This service is ideal for newly started companies that wants to automate the work process also ideal for industries and institutes.

Looking for a yearly maintenance contract? Let us know your requirement and we could have a yearly maintenance contract with your company to make the computer usage smooth at your organization.
Backup and recovery services – We also offer backup and recovery services for companies that work on very sensitive data.

Computer and laptop repair services – we repair all major branded desktop and laptop computers via UWIN Technologies. We do office visits within Colombo city limits. Please kindly note we do offer services to other parts of Sri Lanka but our visit does include an upfront travel cost.

What are the other hardware services offered by R G via it`s partner? We offer thumbnail and card system based employee attendance systems to automate your companies attendance process.

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