cheapest domain registration in sri lanka

Domain is your online identity. Get the cheapest domain rate for .com, .net, .org and all standard country based domains for United Kingdom, Australia, India etc at the best competitive rates in the market.

1) .com Domain Extension Registration

.com domain is the most suited domain name for your online presence as this is the most popular and most used domain term in the world. Also the extension is easy for your clients to remember.

2) .org Domain Extension Registration

Ideal for non-commercial organizations as well as to inform the world about the charitable work done through you or your company.

3) .net Domain Extension Registration

If .com domain is not available or already registred by someone else but you are seeking for internationally recognized domain, then .net will serve your purpose.

4) .info Domain Extension Registration

If .com and .net domains are not available, then .info domain is also good for businesses, individuals or even organizations,

5) Country specific Domain Extension Registration

If your business or your possible customers are country specific. Then a country specific extension is the best solution for you. For example, if your a running a business in a suburb in United Kingdom, then the best extension would be

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