If we see the the current trend today in online purchasing made by individuals ,it has almost increased by many a times compared to 3-4 years back. The trend is mainly due to the easy access and availability of Virtual Web Cards ( Sampath Web Card is one of the popular web cards used now a days ) and debit Cards ( with almost any local bank, you could get your current debit card enabled for online purchasing ). So anyone over 18 years of age could get a web card or a debit card to enjoy the online purchasing. So businesses that tends to stay offline and does not or not interested at all in adapting to this trend by offering a online purchasing facility will get faded out little by little while those who have already entered to the word wide web at least with a website would enjoy the prosperity. It is not a difficult thing at all in getting a website done to cater your services or products but settings up an ecommerce shopping cart does need a good careful study. With our past experience, what we had seen is those who come up with marvelous ideas or lot of tweek`s / features had failed to build their reputation and be successful online. It is the sites that started small and later on added extra functionality had made it successful.

So at last what we recommend for already existing business owners is to make your online presence now it self and build up your online ecommerce solutions step by step to be a successful e-commerce store owner in couple of years time while for those who have still not decided or still thinking about going online, should too get started online so that you will not be thrown away by the growing ecommerce trend in Sri Lanka.

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