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What is Facebook and promotions in it ?

Facebook is one of the popular social media platform. other one is twitter. In Sri Lanka, the popular and most effective platform is Facebook. Therefore it is good platform specially to promote your products and services to targeted niche. If your selling a certain product or offering some budget services,this is the best platform for you. Also for any offers or stock clearence like sales, this is one of the best options.

Facebook Post Promotional Packages

USD 500 /per campaign
  • 2 Banners Promoted
  • 100,000-400,000 Estimated Reach
  • Real Likes and Shares
  • Real Comments
USD 1000 /per campaign
  • 2-3 Banners Promoted
  • 200,000-600,000 Estimated Reach
  • Real Likes and Shares
  • Real Comments
USD 1500 /per campaign
  • 2-4 Banners Promoted
  • 300,000-800,000 Estimated Reach
  • Real Likes and Shares
  • Real Comments
  • * Order at least 7 days prior to the required promotion start date. Otherwise late orders will not be undertaken.
  • * Above pricing & estimated reach valid for Sri Lanka only. For other countries, please contact me for an estimate
  • * You will get natural Likes, Shares and Comments based on the product/service interest by the viewers. It is possible for zero/low rate of likes, shares, comments & leads, if your product/service is not an interesting thing for the facebook audience.
  • * The page reach can vary when optmized based on your required audience.

  • This do NOT promote fan page. Only posts are promoted for possible leads. - Please note above pricing is for facebook post promotions targeting possible leads for products or services. If your looking to promote your fan page and looking for genuine likes. Please contact me for a custom quotation.

    How does facebook promotion works ?

    You can create a fan page and promote your products as posts or you can directly promote your website product pages. In general, the most effective way would be is to create a website, add your products and services to your website, create a facebook fan page, add your product/services pages to facebook as posts. Them promote them to choosen target market. This way you are able to promote everything at once rather than just promoting posts. In general, try to promote it with a low budget initially to identify the target market that converts as possible leads as first few campaigns may not be very effective unless you have found the correct market segment. Then increase your budget for more possible leads.

    How can I start my facebook campaign or promotion ?

    You can do it by your self too with the way I suggested to you above but if you like it to be done with a facebook marketer like me. Then you can hire me for facebook promotion. You can choose one of the below packages that best fits your budget and requirements. Then I can start it for you.

    Also I would need following from you to start a campaign

    1 - Brief description of your business
    2 - List of products / services
    3 - Any offer or promotion that you have
    4 - Address, Email, Telephone and Website
    5 - Images or photos of your product / services

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