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Did you know that 80% of worldwide internet consumers are on Facebook? It has over 1.90 billion users, most of them reading their timeline several times a day. So, it doesn’t matter what your target is or who your customers are, they’re on Facebook. If your business is not on Facebook, it isn’t going as far as it should (might not be going anywhere). What have you been waiting? Your business has been losing money!

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Why choose Facebook advertising for your business ?

  • Facebook advertising is the fastest, most versatile and most targeted form of online advertising.
  • It can help significantly increase your brand’s reach and build an important source of public awareness.
  • By helping you advertise through thousands of internet users, which implies getting even more website traffic on your business site, Facebook promotions will increase your brand’s revenue, sales and leads.
  • Facebook also offers the cheapest form of advertising there is online. It’s a major benefit, because it will help you reach thousands of people for only a few dollars per month.
  • It’s way more useful than wasting money in TV commercials, radio ads, billboards and traditional media ways to reach audience.

But being on Facebook is simply not enough (and certainly not easy nowadays). Facebook Advertising is the best way, yes, but it requires a clear, well-planned, efficient marketing strategy to make it the most effective.

In RG Web Design Sri Lanka, we’re aware of those facts, and we want to help you. We ensure Facebook promotions for online companies in Sri Lanka.

What can you expect from our services ?

Our team of professionals in the area of ​​marketing and social media managemen till design the perfect online advertising campaign for you and your brand to be able to reach your target and build new customers based on age, gender, location, interests, the pages they like on Facebook and the type of post they approach more often.

Although we’re a web design company, at RG Web Design we offer effective and useful digital marketing solutions, making your work easier and even more attractive. We’ll use the data you give us to generate the most intelligent strategy, covering a range of formats to achieve different objectives and reach the most clients your brand can get.

Even if you think twice, we’ll still be the best choice!

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