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RG Web Design Lanka, the ultimate software development company in Sri Lanka offers flash animation design services in Sri Lanka. Flash animations are ideal for online promotions, video productions, to let the customer knows about a process of a device / machine / equipment which will help them to understand more about it. So basically our company do following flash related services ( other than flash based web site designing )

1) Flash Video Making for promotions – We use flash to create attractive and creative flash mini videos which you could use for online promotions or may be use within your website to attract more clients. Pricing starts from LKR 200,000 and upwards.

2) Flash Logo Animations – We could help you in making your logo animated using flash for you promotional work. Pricing starts from LKR 25,000 and upwards.

3) Flash Presentation – Our company create professional flash based presentation to make your next presentation or seminar very attractive and less boring compared to static picture based presentation videos or PowerPoint slide shows. Pricing starts from LKR 100,000 and upwards.

4) Flash Game – We create mini flash video clip games as well which you could use for your promotional work online (supports latest browers and IE 10+). Pricing starts from LKR 500,000 and upwards.

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