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RG Web Design Sri Lanka is made up of a team of experienced freelance web designers in Sri Lanka. We leverage our deep and extensive knowledge about changing designs, new technologies and modern frameworks to provide you with top quality website design, SEO as well as web hosting services.

As one of the best website developers in Sri Lanka, we create websites which resonate with the core values of your business or your website goals. In doing so, we are able to ensure that your website gets more eyeballs and we get your satisfaction.

So if you have been in search of the best web design company in Sri Lanka, then talk to us. Our team will be happy to materialize your dream website or to overhaul your existing website to attract more visitors.

Creating a Relevant Website for Your Business

In an ever-changing digital environment, relevance is the key. Because of web design Sri Lanka has seen many businesses lose visitors as their website uses old technologies or inconsistent content. In order to ensure that you keep attracting new visitors and are able to foster the loyalty of your existing customers, it is important your website is always up to date.

This is why, as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka, RG Web Design Sri Lanka is dedicated to researching new technologies and designs which can influence businesses. With the help of this deep research, we are able to provide our clients with effective and impactful solutions when it comes to website designs, SEO and online marketing.

For your website to feature high on the search results and for your customers to move easily from one to page to the next on your website, you require a robust design and a strong SEO strategy.

This is where our team steps in. We help you get noticed and to be able to achieve your website goals by designing the right website for you and by creating SEO-rich content which has relevance for your customers. Our team includes some of the best graphic designers in Sri Lanka and experienced SEO consultants.

Your website design requirements would ideally fall under one of the following:


For personal web design, Sri Lanka has become a booming market. Many personal website owners are beginning to realize the importance of a good design with interactive elements and user-friendly layouts. While businesses set aside capital to study the market and understand their customer requirements, as a personal website owner, you can rely on us for top quality web design in Sri Lanka. So while you focus on your core business, we will ensure that your website brings in higher conversions and expands your viewer base.


Many small businesses find it difficult to keep up with the changing online market. And because there is a lot of competition online, it is important that you stay relevant all the time to avoid losing customers or losing out on prospective buyers. We have designed several e-commerce websites in Sri Lanka as well as for international clients. As goal-oriented web developers in Sri Lanka, we will help your business achieve its goals as far as your online presence is concerned.


Every startup has its unique goals and requirements. This is why we take the time out to understand your vision in order to transform it into a website that is not just pleasing and attractive but also highly functional when it comes to conversions and purchases. We are one of the best graphic design companies in Sri Lanka with a lot of experience in building websites to startup companies. RG Web Design Sri Lanka aims to leverage this experience and at the same time lend a fresh perspective to your website requirements.


Website designing is a work of continuation. Every website requires regular overhauls to make sure that it stays relevant and features the latest designs and technologies. Dated websites tend to lose customers and if not properly maintained, may eventually fall prey to hackers. For web designing Sri Lanka may have a lot of options, but if you are looking for top-quality services then talk to us. Our team of consultants will identify the areas which need to be redesigned.

Leading Web Development Agency in Sri Lanka

Popular Web Design Packages Sri Lanka

WordPress Website

As one of the top web development companies in Sri Lanka, you can depend on us when it comes to building a user-friendly website that is focused on your website goals. Our team of professionals have a lot of experience in building WordPress websites, which is one of the most popular platforms used by website owners all over the world.

Keeping in mind that WordPress offers a vast pool of features, plugins, and help options; you will find it extremely easy to maintain your website on WordPress. RG Web Design Sri Lanka offers a range of additional services which include SEO services, web hosting and even website management.

The WordPress website built by our team will include:

Easy content update

You will find it easy to manage your website on your own and update any content if required. As a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, we ensure that the website is designed for ease of use; not just for the viewers but also for the website owners.

Modern web design

We keep modern elements in mind and ensure that the website has a smooth flow in terms of design. Additionally, our team of website developers in Sri Lanka will share details of the latest elements and designs which you can use for your website.

Mobile support

There is no doubt that the need for websites to work on a variety of screen sizes has become extremely important. Many of our clients have noticed that they find higher mobile traffic than web traffic. By partnering with experienced freelance web designers in Sri Lanka, we build responsive designs which can be comfortably viewed in mobile phones and which will allow you to manage it from a mobile phone too. 

One-Stop Shop

Maintaining an online presence requires a business to go beyond a website. From logos and graphics to impactful content and secure web hosting services, your business requires your online presence to be effective enough to boost your conversions and reach a larger audience. We are a web design Sri Lanka company which focuses on bringing you a vast number of services under one package. Our one-stop shop package includes:

WordPress website

The most basic requirement of our customers is that of a new WordPress website or for redesigning their existing website. We design all types of websites which include travel website, e-commerce website, construction website, personal blog, food blogs and other business websites.

Logos and graphics

Looking for the best graphic designers in Sri Lanka to create the graphics for your business? At RG Web Design Sri Lanka, we have experienced professionals who can build impactful graphics that resonate with the core values of your business.

 Content writing

If design is the heart, then the content is the soul of your website. Compliment a beautiful website layout with high quality content in order to stay competitive. Our content writers will build content that reflects your vision and is also optimized for search engines.

Hosting and emails

Safe and secure web hosting is a necessity. It also helps in improving customer experience because web hosts can be the reason for slow page loading, downtime and even viruses and malware on your website. Along with Lanka web hosting, we also provide you with emails services.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing in itself includes a range of marketing services, which includes but is not limited to Google Adwords, social media campaigns and other advertisement campaigns. Our team of marketing consultants and graphic designers can help you create material which can influence a vast number of viewers and help you expand your online presence. For online marketing Sri Lanka contact us and know more about our packages.

Does your business need a website?

Yes! If you want a competitive edge and plan to provide your customers with a quality experience, it is important to maintain an online presence. Even for businesses that do not plan to expand beyond their regional boundaries, a website is important to maintain an online relationship with your customers. Your website will serve as an online space where your customers can find you, talk to you, check your products and services, and even recommend you to others.

Some businesses feel deterred because of the web design packages prices in Sri Lanka. But for all the money spent on your website, you will be able to improve your business’ reputation and even build a larger customer base online. This means that you will be able to notice significant returns on your investment on the website.

There are many website developers in Sri Lanka, and you will find a huge variation in the web design Sri Lanka price too. So look at previous work, check testimonials, independent reviews and most importantly, look for a team of designers rather than a single designer. This will ensure that you will be able to utilize the knowledge of more web designers and you will also be able to get more services from under one roof.

Do Your Websites Reflect Your Brand’s Values and Goals?

Your online website is your brand’s online space, which will act as a platform for your consumers to interact with your brand. At RG Web Design Sri Lanka, we put a lot of emphasis in understanding the brand, its values and its work ethos in order to create a website which speaks the same language. This uniformity in your online and offline presence helps your brand build a sense of familiarity every time they visit the website.

From building simple and minimalistic websites to creating brutalist designs, our freelance web designers in Sri Lanka find it important to link the design with the overall brand persona. This helps the brand create a genuine flow for customers when they navigate across the various pages of the website or scroll through the website.

In addition to resonating the website’s design with your brand’s personality, a lot of attention is paid by our team to build the website with your brand’s business goals in mind. This helps you focus on the outcome and measure the returns from your website in a more effective way. We build everything from construction web designs Sri Lanka to E commerce websites in Sri Lanka with specific goals.

By focusing on brand values and business goals, we have been able to achieve higher success when it comes to improving ROI and the brand’s online presence.

Is Your Website Optimized For Search Engines?

While design and content play very big roles in creating an online space for the brand, these efforts can be recognized only if your website is optimized for search engines. Every website has a ranking on search engines. Websites that rank on the top are seen in the first page of the search results. For SEO Sri Lanka keeps looking for updates on Google’s algorithms and policies which can affect the website rankings. Our team of SEO consultants uses this information to optimize your website in order to help your website rank higher.

Without optimizing the website, you will end up very far behind in the search results making it nearly impossible for your customers to find you easily with the help of search engine results. For your business to gain a competitive edge, your website must be optimized.

Since the optimization of websites is not an easy task, we offer SEO services Sri Lanka, which can help you rank higher. With the best SEO Sri Lanka, we ensure that your ranking improves significantly. A lot of factors, including your page titles, headlines, content and page loading speed, impact your SEO ranking. Since SEO friendly websites can improve your online presence and help you gain a larger audience.

Pages that rank higher get more clicks and are hence able to improve their presence on the internet. There are independent tools which can be used to check how well your website is doing as far as SEO is concerned. While the content is important, even the design part of your website can impact the search engine rankings since page speeds depend on the design.

Video and image heavy designs are more likely to slow down the page speed. On the other hand, accessibility and content readability have become an important part of SEO. Our team provides a complete analysis of your website with respect to SEO.

We check for loopholes and areas where your web pages are lacking. With the help of this information, we create a pathway which includes content revision, design changes as well and resizing images to make it possible for your website to rank higher.

Our SEO consultant Sri Lanka takes the time to check new content and designs before the website goes live in order to ensure that it is optimized for the search engines. For existing websites, the results after optimization may not be visible immediately because search engines take time to identify the changes and then show the new website rankings.

Why Choose Us?

Deep Market Knowledge

RG Web Design Sri Lanka has provided web design services to the satisfaction of several clients. Our team believes in delivering excellence and not just meeting targets. We take the time to understand our customer requirements and then customize our services to suit their unique demands.

From offering standalone services to providing packaged services, our team of web designers, graphic designer, online market analysts and SEO consultant Sri Lanka, provide solutions which are drawn out of customer requirements, market research and extensive professional experience. Our deep market knowledge has helped several customers with highly satisfactory services.


We understand your expectation of returns on the investment you make towards your website or for maintaining your online presence. This is why our team keeps your business goals in mind when delivering any of our services.

As one of the best online marketing companies in Sri Lanka, we are always focused on making sure that our clients are able to maximize their returns through effective conversions and improved online presence. Since brands are naturally inclined to measure returns from any kind of investment, we focus on building websites that can be measured for performance.

Website Management

We build all our websites with user-friendliness in mind. Not only your customers will have the ease of moving around your website, but even you will find it easy to manage your website and its content. But if you are strapped of time or if you want your website to be professionally managed, then we have a team of professional website developers in Sri Lanka who will maintain your website and ensure that your website is optimized for your viewers.

Our website management services help our clients focus on their core business while we handle the content, updates and upgrades on the website in a timely manner. Regular backups are taken and security is kept in check to ensure that our clients enjoy the satisfaction of their customers.

Greater Efficiency

One of the most popular reasons for building a website is to increase your brand’s online presence. But website designing is time taking, which means that your core business may suffer or you may end up building a website which is not thoroughly optimized for your customers and the search engines.

By choosing RG Web Design Sri Lanka, you will be able to utilize the market acumen of professionals who have been building websites for customers for a long time. You will be able to save time and will also be able to ensure that your website delivers quality content and experience to your customers. Since every business aims to improve efficiency, we help you choose designs and content which can be efficient for your business goals.

Web Design Trends

For web design Sri Lanka has continually evolved and embraced the latest trends. Our team includes some of the best website developers in Sri Lanka, who continually research new web design trends that can impact our customers. These trends  have been used by many websites:

  1. Natural shapes and Organic Color Palettes

Cliché geometric designs are being replaced with natural shapes. Think of the flow of water, the splatter of ink, the shapes of mountains and the irregularly shaped clouds. These shapes are beginning to be used more often as design elements that give the website a natural appeal.

At the same time, organic colors have caught the fascination of many web designers. A lot of web developers in Sri Lanka are starting to pick organic color palettes, which can be either light tones or dark and bolder tones. Leafy green, sky blue, muddy brown and even earthy yellow and red is starting to show up more often in websites now.

These colors and shapes give the website a more natural feeling. Since the world is embracing environmentalism more than anything else, the use of these colors plays strongly with emotions and builds a stronger connection with the readers. 

  1. Inclusiveness

As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka, we have long been hoping to make websites which are more inclusive so that it can cater to a larger audience. 2019 happens to be a year when inclusiveness has become a priority for most website owners and website designers.

To make a website inclusive, we explore the several accessibility options which should be utilized in the website. Our team includes professional freelance web designers in Sri Lanka who make the website accessible and inclusive for people with impairments.

With the internet becoming more pervasive, designing websites for the larger audience makes sense and also increases customer reach. 

  1. Thumb-friendly designs

Websites are now being accessed mostly by mobile phones and tablets rather than laptops or desktops. Website developers in Sri Lanka have had to embrace the shifting trend of designing mobile friendly websites which are designed for navigation on smaller screens.

Websites have started featuring the hamburger menu towards the bottom right of the screen where mobile users find it easy to access. Similar web design changes have made it evident that future designs would soon feature elements laid out mainly for smaller screens and they would then be made responsive for bigger screens. 

  1. Video-heavy content

A trend that picked up last year and has increased this year is the use of videos on websites. While video-heavy content can slow down a page, it is also important to note that videos improve the visual appeal of the website if placed appropriately.

There are more and more websites which are starting to include informational videos, help videos, tutorials and even company statistics in videos. This web design Sri Lanka concept is used by lots of designers and has become a trend for upcoming websites. 

  1. Chatbots

In addition to making help available more easily, chatbots improve customer experience and reduce phone traffic to customer support teams. They have been evolving for a few years, but chatbots have become more reliable and more suitable for friendly customer conversations now. This is why many professionals of web designing Sri Lanka are starting to include chatbots in websites.

Not only are these chatbots suitable for e-commerce websites in Sri Lanka, but also for personal websites where users may want to leave a message or ask a question to the website owner. 

  1. Brutalist Designs

As one of the best graphic design companies in Sri Lanka, we have noticed the rising trend of brutalist graphics and designs this year. It has been able to acquire a significant fan following even though the designs may not find favour among all designers and website owners.

Brutalism in web design is mostly common among young startups, market disruptors, fashion houses and artistic websites. It is usually seen in logos, graphics and even flyers distributed by the company, making this kind of design available in a variety of graphics.

If your company does not identify itself with an audience that may favour brutalism, then it is okay to steer clear of this design. Website owners or brands that chose brutalist web designs are usually catering to a specific audience.   

  1. Micro interactions

Some find this invasive, but others know the importance of making a place in your customers’ internet space through micro interactions. Your website notifications and reminders are a form of micro interactions.

These micro interactions have been able to place themselves at the core of web development in Sri Lanka. Since these interactions do not require your customer to act immediately, but they still serve as a reminder about your website, micro interactions are becoming very popular. It is based on the fact that you can have your customer’s attention only till the time they are using your website and after that, it may fade away unless you start touching base with your customers through micro interactions. 

  1. Use of Serif

It is either the need to revisit the past or the need to substantiate the personality of a brand which makes Serif a big thing once again. Big brands like Mailchimp and Uber chose Serif fonts in their recent rebranding projects. As a result, the two brands have been able to create a stronger persona for their brand and build a sense of familiarity into the logos.

RG Web Design Sri Lanka has noticed that customers tend to lean towards familiar designs and graphics because it is easier to emotionally connect with such brands. Most big brands that have been a part of the market for a long time tend to choose plain and familiar fonts while startups lean towards playful and friendly fonts. While the use of both is justified, this year seems to see a big shift towards the use of Serif. 

  1. Screen Dominating Text

Since writing is never ruled out and quality content continues to dominate the internet space, it is refreshing to see how big texts are being included in website designs. As a known company for web design in Sri Lanka, we look for website trends which will stay for long and this seems to be one such trend.

The use of big fonts had already made an entrance last year, and this year the idea of using screen dominating texts has become more deeply ingrained in several designs. A lot of our freelance web designers in Sri Lanka agree that this is a great design element to add context and to attract the attention of customers. 

  1. Use of Bold, Opinionated Colors

In addition to seeing monochromatic websites where black and white are used beautifully to play with the viewer’s mind by stripping it off of colors and adding textures and depth into the design, we have found that rich, opinionated colors are quite attractive. As discussed earlier, these bold colors are usually from an organic palette featuring earthy tones. 

About Us

RG Web Design Sri Lanka is a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka. Our team includes some of the best freelance web designers in Sri Lanka, the best graphic designers in Sri Lanka and highly experienced SEO consultants. We have created websites for many non e-commerce as well as e-commerce companies in Sri Lanka. Additionally, we provide web hosting Sri Lanka services, and we also online marketing Sri Lanka services.

We aim to meet the rising demands of our clients by ensuring that they have a competitive edge and an impactful online presence through their website and other online tools.

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One of the most popular types of website design requests received by our team is that of e-commerce websites. These websites require careful design and development to make sure that the entire shopping process is easy and comfortable for the end users. This helps businesses reduce cart abandonment and get more customers.

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A good website can lay waste without proper optimization for search engines. Our team of SEO consultants will ensure that your website features content and design, which can improve your ranking and help your website get more eyeballs on the search engine.

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