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Do you need an administration panel ( cms ) to update site by your own ?

( What is an administration panel or cms panel ? It is a backend / secured area that can be used to update your website content such as text and images easily. )

Do you have a domain or need a domain ( website name / URL ) ?

( What is a domain ? A url for your website. Same like getting an address number for your house ! )

Do you have webhosting or need web hosting ?

( What is web hosting ? Once a website design is ready, it needs to be uploaded to a server that can be accessible by users. So you need a domain, web hosting and website to have a fully functional website )

Do you have domain based emails or how many domain based email accounts you need ?

( What are domain based emails ? You can have your own domain / website name based emails that can be used for communication purpose . Eg our domain name is 'rgwebdesignlanka.com' and we have 'info@rgwebdesignlanka.com' as one of our domain based emails )

Currently do you have a website ?

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