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What is Google Adword Advertising ?

Google adword advertising is one of the prominent online marketing methods used locally as well as internationally by companies and also individuals to promote their services and products using google search engine, google ads appearing partner network websites and mobile apps.

How does Google Adword Advertising works ?

Google adword advertising system works based on a keyword bidding system. Say you want to advertse your tourism website. Then using google keyword planner tool in adword, you can get an idea about the keyterms searched by general public related to tourism. Then you can choose relevant keywords, preapre text ad, choose pay per click/impressions and bid to make the ad appear in google search, google partner network and/or mobile apps. ( Bidding pricing depends on demand for the keywords in general user search and other advertisiers. So higer the above two factors, bid rates get higher ) If your bid is higher than the rest, then your ad will appear on top of the page and also will be shown very often. If your bid is not higher than the rest. Still your ad will appear but below other ads and/or at the bottom of first page or probably in 2nd or 3rd page. In general, you will have to run couple of campaigns with a allocated decent budget until you adjust it to the possible converting leads and then gradually you can increase the budget for google adword marketing with converting keywords.

How can I start with google adword promotion ?

Well I have explained to you the basics. So you can run your own campaign too. Optionally you can get my service for google adword promotions in Sri Lanka. For google adword, the rates vary as it is a bidding platform. So just drop me an email with "your website url", "business name", "targeted location/s" and "product/ services details" to get a free quotation.

How much it will cost me ?

The cost will vary depending on biding rates per keyword. Generally at least keep around $500-$10,000 for a successful campaign.

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