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How To Choose A SEO Company in Sri Lanka

SEO is a vital part of the website design that improves the online presence effectively. While some of you have a good idea on the SEO part, most of the business people lack the knowledge and this is what keeps them in the backstage in the rat race. But, hiring a great SEO company can easily do this job for you. There are loads of advantages of hiring an SEO company for you.

Also, when some other client is taking care of the SEO part, you can invest that time completely in running of the business. And this ultimately helps in business revenue. There are so many IT companies in Sri Lanka and our company RG web design is definitely one of the best of all. But, the question is, who to choose from a list of hundreds of options available.

This article is all about that. Here we have shared some useful tips to choose the most reliable SEO company Sri Lanka. So, have a read to find the reliable and genuine one.

Tips to choose the most trustworthy SEO Company:

Check the company’s specialties:

The first thing to consider in an SEO company is their specialties. Look at their specialties. Try to find out in which field they excel. Also, check if they specialize in any special industry, location, or service? It is always good to pick one that caters to a different area, location and service line. We, at RG web design cover most of the industry and our service caters to all areas internationally.

Check if the company has any awards or recognition or not. Also, enquire if they are just there for the SEO or can help you out in other areas as well. For example, email marketing, content marketing, PPC campaign, etc.

Check out their portfolio and case studies:

Another way to get a broader view of the SEO Company is by diving into their portfolio and case studies. The portfolio will convey you the fact that you want to know. You can have an idea of their style of services from other clients. The portfolio and case studies are available on their website already. However, if that is not available, you can always ask the company to send some sample ( Please note that some may not reveal the projects due to agreements between the two parties ).

Enquire about company ethics:

Company ethics play an important role here. You should definitely know about company ethics before you go ahead to hire a company. You must have heard the phases black hat and white hat. Ensure that the SEO Company does not follow any shortcut methods to offer a higher ranking to your website. This could lead to the complete failure of your website. Also, enquire about the entire team of that company. The team really matters. After all, the people of the company should match you and your business requirement.

Go through their blog and find them on social media:

Try finding and following them on social media like Facebook. Also, go through their blog that will give you an idea about their sense of tone. It will help you understand that if that SEO company is actually the real fit for you or not.

Check for the fees and contracts:

Different SEO companies have different fee structure. While some companies work hourly basis, some work on a contract basis. Once you have checked all other details of a selected SEO company, check their fee structure and contract. You can compare that with other selected companies. And then choose the one that will offer you the best deal for the money. After all, money is one of the primary factors when it comes to choosing the best SEO company Sri Lanka.

And finally, schedule a consultation to talk to them face-to-face. Define your goal to them; learn how they can help you and what you can expect from them.

Here are some powerful tips to refrain yourself from the wrong choices:

  • Avoid those companies that promise moons and stars
  • Avoid companies that guarantees you #1 ranking in google ( as it is not practically possible in most cases, except in low competition scenarios )
  • Those who have a poor content strategy
  • Poor communication
  • If they are not interested at all in their goal

We at RG web design employs the highly professional and skilled members who can take care of the SEO part flawlessly. Generally seo will take time, so you need patience and good budget as well. The cost will vary depending on the industry and you will generally need at least $200 ~ $2000 per month for a stable seo process.

If you are looking for a quick  results, then digital marketing ( quick campaigns ) is the way to go. Generally you can start a digital marketing campaign from $50 – $1000 at a time.  Top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka. You can rely on us completely.