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IT Companies In Sri Lanka – A list of the top best software development companies in Sri Lanka

When it comes to the IT ( Information Technology ) companies in Sri Lanka, there are countless companies to mention here. But, if we are talking about the top best ones, there are few names that popped into the heads. The names of those popular web design Sri Lanka companies are seen everywhere. So, if you are searching for the best IT companies in Sri Lanka, you landed at the right page. We have mentioned here the top best IT companies in Colombo. All these companies are highly popular, having clients from different areas and different sectors. So, have a read to know the names.

Best IT companies in Sri Lanka :

RG Web design:

Our company definitely comes at the top best web design companies list in Sri Lanka. Whether you are planning to own your own website, or else it is a big enterprise website, our company has the perfect solution for all. Our services cater to different sectors and we offer services all across the globe. Client’s need is our first priority and we offer a web design that is modern as well as mobile-friendly.

Our main aim is to help clients reach their goal and we serve the best possible ways for so. Not just designing rather we offer re-design as well. There are different packages, so you can choose the one that is required for your website or systems.


Virtusa is a highly reputed and well known IT company in Sri Lanka. This is like a dream company for all graduate students. Founded back in 1996, this is an American Information technology services company in Sri Lanka having headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts. This is mainly a service company that is known to offer services like BPM, ECM, data warehousing, QA, business intelligence and IT consulting. This is a multinational company that has delivery centers in most of the countries, including the US, UK, India, Singapore, German, Malaysia, Netherlands, and many other places.


This is one of the young companies to mention in the list, but that does not restrict it from winning the top best list. This is a very popular company in Sri Lanka. This is an open-source development company that does different stuff on the cloud, including middleware and service-oriented architecture. You must have heard about the popular eCommerce company eBay. This company runs on one of the WSO2 product. Similarly, several eCommerce companies are using their product. They have earned such great popularity and success in such a short time and this is the reason they have made their way to the top list companies in Sri Lanka.

IT companies in Colombo are booming with days and they are coming up with unique products to meet different types of customers need.

So, these are the top best IT Companies in Sri Lanka. All the companies mentioned here are designed to serve a different purpose. While some are completely product-based companies, some are service-based. Our company is entirely a web design company that aims to serve all kind of small, medium and big enterprises. All our web designers are highly innovative and experienced who has the urge to do something unique for every single client. So, you can contact us for any kind of web design. Just explain your need and we are always ready to serve you the best possible ways.