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Information Technology has become one of the most important components within the context of the policy for science and technology development in many countries of the world. Currently, Sri Lanka has begun to come out as a global choice destination for the IT industry. Sri Lanka has been ranked amongst the Top 50 Global Outsourcing destination by AT Kearney and has also been ranked amongst the Top 20 Emerging Cities by Global Services Magazine.

The Sri Lankan IT sector has been put into use in many fields such as Apparel and Textile, Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Communication, Media, Healthcare, Retailing, Manufacture, Transportation, Travel and Leisure ( Example is travel web design Sri Lanka ) and many more.

The ever-expanding IT industry in Columbo has been found to be advantageous for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) so that it can enjoy the premium access to the high-quality talent pool. Due to this, a large established destination like India and China have faced increasingly challenging conditions. Columbo provides its IT users with the facility of a rapidly growing niche workforce which is characterized by certain characteristics such as that it should be highly adaptable, English speaking, innovative and loyal. Presently, there are 50,000 employed officials in the field of IT industry in Columbo. Every year the workforce is increasing at a higher rate of the order of 20%. The IT industry provides a stable workforce with low attrition rates in the range of 10-15%.

There are around 300+ IT solutions company in sri lanka, both large-scale and small-scale companies and a few large global players as well, which are operating in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is said to have an open market economy and is contemplated to be the first company in South Asia to for liberalizing its economies. As one of the modern trading nation, Sri Lanka presently exports about 2000 products to almost every country in the world.

Stakeholders have also put light onto the fact that the continual development of the IT sector of Sri Lanka is starkly different from the neighbouring country India which in accordance with its own IT association which is the National Association of Software and Services Companies recorded an estimation of $146 bn in revenues in 2015 and exports forecast to reach $98.5 bn.

As already discussed, Sri Lanka has been ranked amongst the Top 25 Global Outsourcing Destination and also amongst the Top 20 Emerging Cities by the Global Services Magazine. The environment of the country of Sri Lanka has been proven to be highly helpful for permitting the global companies to have access to high-quality talent pool ranging from small-scale to medium-scale engagements during the establishment of highly demanded niche competency centers. In fact, Sri Lanka has been found to act as an off-shore development center and joint development fortune center to a number of Fortune companies and industry leaders from Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Australia, and the North American continent.

The different ICT services that are provided by Sri Lanka are as follows :

 There are a variety of companies that are available in the market for carrying out the aforesaid functions then you might be wondering why should we move forward with Sri Lankan ICT company?

One should choose and work with the Sri Lanka IT company because of the following reasons:

  1. Friendly IT service providers
  2. It has a high retention rate
  3. It has a location advantage
  4. It gives a cost advantage
  5. It is well-versed with the phenomenon of cultural adaptability
  6. It is considered to be a Product Engineering Heritage
  7. It has a high-quality talent pool
  8. It has a lower operating cost
  9. It is the most cost-effective real estate in the region
  10. It has good power supply during the entire day that is 24 hours. (93% coverage of the country)
  11. Sri Lanka is regarded as the first company to introduce the 3G/4G network within the region
  12. Colombo is regarded as the first 4G enable city in South Asia in the year 2013

For the aforesaid reasons, we suggest you take the pleasure of the services provided by us. The world of IT has found its way in every field and has a wide range of use and application. For more information about our services log on to info@rgwebdesignlanka.com