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Do You Need A Chatbot For Your Website ? – Web Development

Chatbots show up everywhere these days. Some businesses use it to stay competitive, but others are still considering whether a chatbot can really make a difference or not. When we asked our web development team about chatbots and their effectiveness, then here’s what they had to say about the Chatbots:

  1. Accessibility of information can be easier

If your website has a lot of information then it may not be easy for your customer to easily find what they are looking for. But a chatbot can do it for them. It can easily make information available for your customers. As a result, your customers will be able to find value in visiting your website and they will also appreciate the time they save when looking up things. 

  1. Customer experience usually improves

Our team of website developers in Sri Lanka agreed that chatbots can play a significant role in improving customer experience. A lot of businesses have taken advantage of chatbots to give their business a boost. Some of the reasons why customer experience improves are:

  • Chatbots are available round the clock for your website visitors
  • Your customers get an instant response. To chat with a human, they may end up waiting in a queue.
  • Chatbots can also be helpful in easily solving customer complaints about certain products and services.
  • Whether your audience is looking for simple answers or detailed ones, chatbots can efficiently handle such queries.

Small business owners can install chatbots to handle basic queries and later transfer more difficult or complex questions to a human. In this way, the customer wouldn’t have to wait too long and at times they would be able to find an answer by talking to the chatbot and they would not need a human to step in.

  1. Operating costs are relatively low

Service representative would cost you more than using a chatbot. If you limit the number of service reps you hire for customer experience and use chatbots for basic queries and simple questions, then you will be able to save costs too. The operational expenses of a chatbot can be significantly lower than hiring service representatives. 

  1. They are futuristic

Most industries require business owners to be futuristic and to embrace new technologies in order to stay in the race. While every technology must be carefully analyzed before applying it to your business processes, chatbots have shown positive improvements in most businesses using them. This is why they are growing in numbers. If you would like to apply futuristic technologies in your business too and provide your customers with improved customer experience, then you must consider using chatbots. 

  1. Makes your business more efficient

As a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, we deal with business from various industries every day. A lot of businesses cite their reason for using a chatbot as improving business efficiency. It makes complete sense because businesses are able to redirect their resources to handling more important customer queries while the chatbots can take care of basic customer concerns. As a result, employees can handle escalated customer complaints more efficiently.

  1. They lack emotional intelligence

Our web development team found only one concern when it came to chatbots – their lack of human intelligence. While customers find it easy to solve their problems or get answers quickly through chatbots, some customers find the lack of human touch to be unwanted. Since chatbots cannot read or understand human emotions or may not be built to identify sarcasm or irony, some customers may find this annoying.

Their inability to understand human emotions, coupled with their inability to adapt in times of severe concerns may further annoy the customers. This is where human intervention will be required.


If you are a business owner, then your website definitely needs a chatbot, but if you are a personal blogger, then you may not need a chatbot unless you have gained a huge audience base and have a website with extensive content. Business owners must use chatbots to quickly and efficiently respond to customers and handle queries. These chatbots should be tweaked to escalate problems to human service reps before a customer gets annoyed.

As a business owner, you must be able to provide your customer access to this technology, but you must also make them believe that your business continues to value its customers. So where needed, a human will always step in and take charge of the conversation to improve customer experience.