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Mistakes Websites Should Avoid Absolutely

Since this is the age of the internet, there would hardly be anyone who doesn’t know what a website is.  Thus, web designing is not exactly a novel concept. It is a mix of various ideas brought together to attract visitors and interact with them. RG Web Design Sri Lanka is one of the best web development companies in Sri Lanka. You will get the best quality services within an affordable range.

Small business web design has progressed a lot in the last decade or so. Even then, things are not always perfect for them. Given below are a few mistakes that you can avoid while designing a website:

  1. Your website does not share what you do and why you are the right choice

This could be the biggest drawback for your website. Usually, users can create an impression of your website in one second. If they don’t find it appealing in that one second, they will jump to the next option. It doesn’t matter if you get everything right, but if it can’t help the user making a quick and justified decision on your website, you might lose a potential customer. RG Web Design Sri Lanka will make sure that your website has everything to meet your potential customers’ expectations and make them stay on your website.

  1. Your website is not responsive and takes more than a few seconds to load

As users can easily access the internet from a variety of devices including mobile, tablet, and laptop, a responsive website is a must. Not having a responsive website is one of the most common mistakes. When your website is compatible with many devices, which means it will load quickly, and there would be high chances of more people visiting your website and enjoying it. RG Web Designing Sri Lanka can make the most effective and responsive website for your business.

  1. The font size of your website is not ideal for readers

Font size is very important when you are adding content to your website. If the users can’t read your content, they will get to the next option. There are many users online who don’t like to wait or face any kind of inconvenience when surfing online. One of the most common mistakes you can see on a website is that text is very difficult to read. If you have to pressurize your eyes to read your website text on your mobile device, it’s time to talk to your web designer. RG Web Design as a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, can make your website a worthwhile experience for your potential visitors.

  1. Links and Buttons on your website are not large enough to click comfortably

While surfing online, you must have found some websites where the links and buttons are so small, when you clicked on them, you pretty much ended up clicking on the next button. Many times, buttons and links are designed for mouse clicking and hence you cannot click them comfortably using your fingers on the touchscreen of your mobile. More and more people are using their smartphone to access the internet. Websites need to ensure that links and buttons must have enough size and space where users can easily tap on them.

  1. When your website doesn’t have the Headings or Subheadings

Many people just read the headlines and based on that they decide if they want to read the rest of the text or not. They will scan the headlines on your website to decide if they’re interested in your webpage. When your webpage has long content and cannot be read easily to find interesting content, it can diminish users’ interest. That’s why you should add headings and subheadings for your webpage content. One more reason why you need headings and subheadings is that it would help search engines in finding your website. With the right content, your website can appear on the top search engine results. RG Web Design as an SEO company Sri Lanka can help you create the right content with catchy headings and subheadings.

  1. Your website does not provide easy to access contact information

At times, it becomes difficult to find the contact information of the company on a website. Because of that, many visitors leave the website. Users can get suspicious about the credibility of your business website if they don’t find genuine contact information. The main objective would be to enhance user experience on your website and ultimately improve the conversion rate for your business.

So try to avoid these mistakes and hire an expert like RG Web Design Sri Lanka. You will be receiving the best web designing along with the best SEO services.