Most Common Web Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid for Your Business Website


With the recent surge in using digital platform for any type of services of products, it has become important for businesses to stay updated with current trends and marketing methods. And the number one factor in looking best on the digital platform is to have a well-designed website for your business. Web designing in Sri Lanka is more important than you can think about targeting better potential customers and ranking high on the search engine results.

Today, we will see more about the web design in Sri Lanka for staying top on the digital platform. There are some basic rules you need to follow while designing the website as per the audience. You can definitely go ahead and design your own website; however, hiring a website design company in Sri Lanka can come handy with everyday changing trends on the digital platform. Nevertheless, if you are planning to design the website on your own, then here are some of the most common web design mistakes that you should avoid for your business website.

1. Not Using Responsive Design

Digital media is the most used platform for searching for any services or products around any corner of the world. And a recent survey shows that most of the searches these days are done on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for a business to have a responsive design for their website to generate online leads. Most of the websites lack in this very important factor and does not adjust as per the screens of the devices like mobile phones and tablets, causing a dent on their marketing skills. Moreover, Google has started penalizing such websites that are non-responsive diminishing the SEO rankings further.

responsive web design in sri lanka

2. Relying on Free Website Builders

A number of web hosts provide free website building options, wherein you can develop a new brand website within few minutes. It is true that these portals are helpful, but free services definitely have few drawbacks. For starters, they are slow because of the heavy backend coding, the design is very generic that makes your website look like every other website on the web, and the potential audience won’t be able to connect with your website given the by the default theme.

You can avoid this problem by hiring one of the web development companies in Sri Lanka and letting them get innovative with your website as per the audience and market demand. If budget is your problem, then you can also opt for freelance web designers in Sri Lanka, who work for marginal costs and delivers fresh and unique ideas.

3. Ignoring Actual Designing Elements

The job of a developer and a website designer is different, and we need to respect that. Sometimes, while only relying on the developers, we avoid the basic elements of designing like simplicity and easy navigation, which can lead to over boarded and too many clusters in the website. While at times, while making the website simple, it is left blank that makes it look flat and not impressive. Therefore, finding the right balance between customizations and simplicity is important. This is the job of designers, and finding the best web design company in Sri Lanka will be a boon for your business to flourish higher.

4. Poor Use of Headers, Footers, and Sidebars

It is a common conception that headers, footers, and side areas of a website are for advertisements. But this can go against your website, especially if added with very less content on your web page. Rather than relying on Ads and displaying them on your front page, you can simply use the space for better navigation of your page.

We are not saying that do not display the banner on the top with special offers, but rather implying that use the space smartly as per the ongoing trends of SEO marketing. You can go ahead with one of the online marketing companies in Sri Lanka for helping you with understanding and implementation of the latest trends in digital marketing.

5. Low-Quality Content Used on The Website

The search engine plays an important role in ranking the websites and generating positive leads for the companies. And these search engines require good, unique, top-quality content to work better with your website. Therefore, even today, the website content does play an important role in your business. A beautiful, well-designed website without SEO optimized content will do nothing for you. And therefore, it is important to keep your website updated with fresh content and make everything right from meta description to tags SEO optimized. You can hire any of the top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka to deal with this part. A professional company will keep your digital marketing techniques up-to-date along with the proper usage of SEO techniques.

6. Slow-Loading Websites

Another common problem with websites these days is the slow loading speed of the pages. You need to understand the importance of this factor. In today’s world, where everyone has a smartphone in hand with high processor speed, no one has time for slow loading pages. Your potential customers will wait for a maximum of 2-3 seconds before giving up on the website. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to the downloading speed of your web pages.

This has been said; it is great to have those fancy graphics and high-quality images on your web pages. But if those are the cause for slow loading speed, then ditch those ideas to something simpler for not losing your potential customers. Check with one of the website developers in Sri Lanka to deal with this problem, and treat the loading speed of your website as a major performance factor.

7. Too Much Clutter on The Web Pages

We have already covered this point above, and to state it again, we will say ‘less is more in web designing’. A web page with dozens of elements all cluttered in a single page that demands attention from the customer does exactly opposite to what you want.

Consumers prefer user-friendly design and informative websites over the fancy, cluttered one. The thumb rule is to keep it a simple, consistent, spacious, and proper hierarchy of content for gaining maximum attention. If you are not sure how to do, then take help from a web design company in Sri Lanka to give your website a unique, fresh outlook.

8. Large Blocks of Content

No one likes to read the large blocks of written information. In fact, even the bookworms love to read the pleasant, interactive content when compared to the uninterrupted, large blocks. So, make the content on your website interactive, as everyone who visits your website will simply scan the website and make their decision. No one in today’s world has so much time to read the entire thing.

Use different font sizes, colors, paragraphs, images, sub-headings, etc. for making the content look lovely and interactive. Another important factor is to make the content SEO optimized. You can use a number of web applications available for understanding the SEO targeted keywords. Or else, you can also SEO company in Sri Lanka to help you with the content and proper techniques for higher ranking in the search engine world

9. Poor Call to Action Methods

Your websites play a key part in your company by helping you to convert the potential leads to an actual business. But for this, you need to use the call to action feature to the optimum. However, for some reason, a number of websites make this feature hard to find. In most of the websites, the call to action is located on the footer side of the web page, making it difficult to notice. Or else, sometimes there are more than one buttons similar to call to action, making it difficult for your consumers to notice. All these can cause a considerable loss for your business.

You should always display call to action prominently on your web page, which makes the customers proceed with your company. In addition, also be careful with the pop-up call to action Ads as too early can cause customers ignoring it, and too late can make your customers leave the page.

10. Out-of-Date Website Design

Digital market changes every day, and so do the trends. And the same formula goes with the website designing. Therefore, continuing your website that was built a couple of years ago is a huge mistake. You need to continuously keep on updating the design and content of the website as per the ongoing trends.

You can avoid this problem by hiring a professional designing company that offers you good web design packages prices in Sri Lanka to keep you always updated and on the top of the trends at all time. This will help your business a lot, especially if you generate a lot of leads from the digital platform.

11. Bad Navigation of Website

Same like the poor call to action feature and usage of the header, footer, and sidebars, bad navigation can affect your business to a considerable percentage. The menu is how customers normally navigate throughout the website. So, if you are planning to go for a unique concept for navigation, which your customers are unable to notice, then it is of no use. Keep the navigation of your website easy and user-friendly. But that does not mean to include all the pages on your menu bar; it will simply give your website a cluttered look.

Use the menu bar smartly, and bifurcate the options to give proper navigation directions to your website. If you are using a number of web pages, then using a site map always helps. Customers can directly go to the site map page for going to a specific web page.

12. Missing the Sharing Option

Last but not least is missing the sharing option on the web page. The social media platforms play an important role in digital marketing and also offers you a better online presence. Therefore, placing the sharing option on your web pages can give exposure to a thousand times more than you actually have decided upon. It also helps to spread the information of your products and services on the digital platform.

There are a number of websites who are still relying on the existing website designing trends and not have included the sharing option. This can work against you as only a few consumers will take so much effort to copy and paste any interesting content. So, contact a web design company in Sri Lanka and update your website with sharing options, and enjoy free digital presence without investing your time or money. This acts as one of the best SEO digital marketing techniques for your business. It also helps in developing brand awareness among potential customers.

These are some of the most common web design mistakes people make while designing the website, which directly affects their business conversions. So, make sure that you avoid these mistakes and enjoy the support and help of the digital platform for growing your business to sky-high limits. For design purposes, you can hire one of the best web design companies in Sri Lanka or any freelance web designers in Sri Lanka to stay always top on the designing game for your business.