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Does your business need a platform that serves as an online store? Then add Shopify shopping cart ( Read Shopify Tutorial for beginners too, so that you might be able to build your own store ) or get a WordPress woocommerce eCommerce website! We have the best alternatives for your eCommerce. A shopping cart is a section that facilitates the purchase of products and services by customers, also accepts your payments and organizes the distribution of information for you as a seller.

For Individuals & Startup's

For Small Businesses

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For Corporate Businesses

Why should you add a shopping cart to your website ?

If your small business seeks to expand and have online sales, add shopping carts: they’re the bridge between buying and selling.

Basically, a shopping cart system can:

Catalog and manage the order of your client. In addition to processing the payment.

Accumulate your product information and availability.

Resume and collect the data from your clients for possible future marketing uses.

For this and much more, it’s important that you have the best shopping cart system/software or have the best page provider that can guarantee that your online store works 24/7. And guess what? We have it for you!

What we offer you ?

If you choose us, we can setup your shopping cart using Shopify or WordPress Woocommerce for you:

  • Product Management: including CMS (Content Management System) for the administration of products, contents, pages and categories.
  • Options of Payments and Processes: the methods of payment are extremely important, depending on that, many of your consumers will decide to stay or abandon the purchase.
  • Include shipping services: here we can help you to configure shipping methods.
  • Easy Marketing Tools: build subscriptions for newsletters, coupon codes.

( Please kindly note that we no longer do or undertake Opencart, Prestashop, Magento or Custom php/jsp based shopping cart e commerce websites in Sri Lanka. We only provide Shopify and WordPress woocommerce solutions as one of the affordable e-commerce companies in Sri Lanka  )

When do we start setting up your website ?

Before starting to set up your website, we’ll need an initial payment from you to confirm the project.

We’ll make an invoice for 50% of the total amount of the project and you can pay us by online methods. When we’ve confirmed your payment, we’re going to begin. The other 50% of the payment will be done when we send you a preliminary image of how your website will look.

Contact us to start your website

We’re not only one of the awesome web designers in Sri Lanka, but we’re fully capable of taking your small business to success with an incredible page for online sales. For a budget, contact us right now! We’ll respond as soon as possible.

If you only have questions, you can also write to us, and we’ll take care of answering you in great detail.