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Responsive website design is one of the latest techniques in web design services that makes your website to function smoothly on common desktop computer browsers with larger screens and devices that has smaller and varying sizes of display such as smart mobile devices and smart tabs on the market. As a web design company in Sri Lanka, our website designers and web developers offer responsive web design services with a small fee to make your site function smoothly in most of the common smart phones.

Basically the responsively built web site offer the smoothest browsing experience for the user on any screen size that he uses to view and work on your website. Also other advantages is that, developers has to develop only single system rather than making one system each for various devices with various screen sizes, this way it saves your time as well as make it smooth when updating your responsive web site content ( even via your mobile device). We develop responsive web design for both front end web sites as well as themes/templates for administrative panels.

Also we undertake existing ( current ) non responsive web site or web site system of yours to be converted / updated to a responsive grid based systems. So basically the time framework would differ based on the complexity of your already designed web site. Also the cost too depends on the complexity of the web site and the final responsive output may differ slightly about 5-15% as well. The slight difference is mainly due to some elements in the current codes, where we will have to omit ( not the details but in coding) to make it smooth in functioning. ( Most of the slider or slideshows used could be used as it is and will have less impact most of the time but some javascripts and jquery and some other scripts we will have replace most of the time ). We also make responsive joomla, wordpress and drupal based web site systems as well. Check the other menus for more details of those cms based responsive platforms...

Some of our responsively designed, Web Sites in Sri Lanka

Our web design company web site is already responsive, R G Web Design Lanka Then sites like DXP Associates is another responsive web site design done by our website designers and web developers in Sri Lanka.

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