R G training intern programs in Colombo, Sri Lanka R G Web design lanka, a R G Solutions company that offers affordable web design, seo and software development solutions does offer training/internship opportunity for talented youth who seeks to get an opportunity to practice what is learnt at the institute or the university.

When will there be opportunity given by R G ? - Well, it depends on the decisions made by the management of R G Solutions where it will advertise on reputed paid online job boards, social media and newspapers when an opportunity exists for the talented individuals. Most of the time if your good enough we will absorb you in to our permanent workforce after 3-6 months time with us.

How does the intern program works ? – It will be done on two methods.. Most of the time we provide paid internship but in future we may plan to provide it as a complete course including both practical industrial training while giving you the necessary theoretical knowledge in order to thrive in the IT industry.

Why it is necessary to have industrial training ? – well some does want to get industrial training for the sake of getting the certificate needed which is required with the higher educational programs followed by you but we always advise you to use the opportunity to learn and get hold of the ways in which you have to do web sites or the web systems so once you join our company or any other company, it would help you to move forward without any hesitation as your confident with the development skills that you got while working with us.

How I apply for internship program at R G Web Design Lanka ? - Well, when we advertise on above said methods, you could forward your cv with a cover letter .Then if your selected for any of our intern programs, you will be contacted via phone by our HR department. ( Please note only selected candidates will be asked to come for an interview on a date decided by our management )

Is it available only for Sri Lankans ? – The opportunity is open for anyone as long as he could work at our office in Mt Lavinia. So if you feel you have the talent and caliber, your always welcome to forward our cv to our general email or careers email during opportunity available times.

Current Internship Programs – Not yet Scheduled. Please come back later to check for any newly scheduled date for internship programs.

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