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The key factor in determining the success of a website is traffic inflow. Along with the high traffic of customers, there also needs to be a good conversion percentage. How do we ensure this? The traditional methods of advertising earlier focused just on spreading awareness about a product and increasing the traffic inflow. Though this contributed to good traffic and visibility of the website, the actual sales happening were still quite low. The main reason behind this was that people who had no interest in the products were still being targeted. This approach then evolved to target customers who are actually interested in the product you are selling. This can be determined by their search patterns and internet history. We are one of the leading online marketing companies in Sri Lanka who can help you get organic leads and traffic to your portal leading to better sales and conversion ratios.

Why targeted advertising?

The concept is quite simple. It is better to advertise water to a person who is thirsty rather than advertising it to all of humanity. The latter consumes more resources and effort and decrease the success ratio. However, with targeted advertising, you can focus your resources on people who are actually looking for the product. This not only helps you save time and money but also increases the chances of conversions.

How to do targeted advertising?

There are many numbers of ways to increase organic leads to your website. Being one of the leading IT companies in Sri Lanka, choosing us can be the most optimal solution. We have more expertise and knowledge when it comes to optimizing your website, thus giving you better results.

The most common ways of targeted advertising are as follows:

  1. SEO– Search Engine Optimization is one of the most commonly used practices today in web development, Sri Lanka. The concept first analyses search engine reports to figure out the most commonly used keywords. The next step is to incorporate these keywords into your website by optimizing the content and the design. What does it accomplish? This makes your website more relevant in search results and appears higher in the result list leading to more organic traffic. SEO Sri Lanka can help you optimize your website in accordance to search engine trends. This is one of the most efficient ways to get organic leads and conversions in your website.
  1. Constantly post blogs and articles– A very good way to increase organic leads and drive sales is to constantly post relevant blog and content. Including videos and gifs in your website blogs is also a great way to draw in more customers. To better understand how blogs and articles can help you improve your web traffic, you can set up appointments with us, the leading SEO consultant in Sri Lanka. Additionally, as a business, offering online marketing Sri Lanka, we can constantly update your web content to help it stay relevant.
  1. Social Media- Though facebook and other social media applications started off as an innocent way to share content and thoughts with your friends, it has today become a vast advertising campaign that you can utilize. As leading web development companies Sri Lanka, we use social media to your advantage when marketing the content. Not only does it help you get a more refined target audience, but it is generally a much cheaper alternative to traditional methods of advertising.
  1. Good design and theme- Being one of the top graphic design companies in Sri Lanka, we ensure that your website is aesthetically pleasing and efficient. This, in turn, gets you more visibility and reach among your target audience. Good colors and themes leave lasting impressions on your customers that can increase loyalty and sales.
  1. Good product– Creating awareness for a rock doesn’t change the fact that it is still a rock. A good product can advertise itself through reviews and opinions. Word of mouth travels faster than any other medium of marketing.

Therefore, on choosing our IT solutions company in Sri Lanka, we help you build up a good digital presence and ensure that your website gets a consistent inflow of traffic and conversions.

Organic vs. Inorganic leads

The other alternatives to marketing involve using inorganic leads. Inorganic leads and traffic can be generated through bulk advertising campaigns and other similar strategies such as banner ads, email marketing, etc. These methods will help you to get traffic to your website instantly unlike seo. Generally, it is good to work with instant marketing methods as soon as the website is ready and work on seo as a long term marketing project ( as seo results can take from anywhere from several months to even few years depending on the keywords competition and how others carry out the seo optimization. One important thing is don’t even think of seo, unless you have a good budget to work with ) Being one of the leading web design in Sri Lanka business, we offer comprehensive solutions for you that ensure that your website is successful.