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To face the competition in the web world, it is important to take your grounds firmly. The key to success is to attract more audience towards your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the tools which can get you more and repetitive traffic. It is important to get your website optimized in order to be readily seen by a search engine. It also helps you to gain the same visitors again and again. If you are planning to expand the business online, then SEO can come to your rescue. Audience like to visit those websites more where they get updated content more frequently after all everybody expects something new and creative in life. The other methods to increase traffic is a subscription to RSS feed and link exchange with other websites. RG is one of the best responsive website design company in Sri Lanka, which also deals with SEO.


Keywords play an important role in the accumulation of traffic. Unique keywords which are generally used by the audience helps a lot as well as generate revenue for the website. Today everyone is running behind SEO even the big and famous e-commerce companies in Sri Lanka and elsewhere who have established themselves well on the internet. The key is to keep yourself on top of the list generated by the famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. In fact, you can monitor the status of your website by getting to know the rank, which will further help you improve your web content.

A search engine optimizer looks for new keywords and works on it in order to gather more traffic. Therefore a smart SEO will help your website to be on the first five pages of a famous search engine. It is also important to maintain the online position consistently and also attracting the repetitive audience on your website.

What Is SEO?

Let’s understand SEO in a layman language. SEO increases the visibility of your website. It helps you to improve the ranking and status of your web content. It actually helps you to structure your website in a way that a search engine can pick and choose easily. It not only makes a website “search engine friendly” but also helps to create a better website for people. The primary method that users generally choose to get access to a website is through famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Though sometimes traffic of users can also be generated by the help of social media but basically this a secondary method. SEO helps your website to provide the exact content people are looking for. It helps to create a roadmap through search engine for a user to reach to your web content. If you invest in SEO, then return rates are exceptionally greater than any other marketing method.

Why SEO?

Search engines are built smart, but still, they are not perfect and need guidance most of the time. The main aim of a search engine is to dive deeper into the ocean of information and come back with the best content for its users. Therefore an SEO can help a search engine to find your web content first than any other website. The competition on the internet is increasing day by day, SEO is the support you should be looking more. It doesn’t matter how much good content you are publishing on your website if a search engine can’t find, it is of no use.

How To Do SEO For Your Responsive Website?

It needs dedication, education and plenty of time. Generally, when you are engaged in other parts of your business, it actually becomes difficult to do the management of your website. Let’s take an example of a simple blog. The first process is to do research for the keywords. There are many techniques and tools to identify the correct keyword required for your web content.

The second is to use those important keywords smartly in your content at the right place so that a search engine can target you first. Don’t use keywords unnecessarily, which can make the web content difficult and boring to read. If you upload an image to your website, make sure you use the keywords for the description of the image.

Making a subscription button on your website can also help users to do visits again and again. It will notify your viewers if you update the content. This way, you actually gather the loyal audience for yourself. You can use social media as well to expand the reach of your content. Today everyone is active on social media websites through which they can directly land on to your page and increase the traffic. There are many famous sites which can recommend the links of your web content in order to increase the viewers.

RG web design in Sri Lanka provides you the best SEO consultants to increase the reach of your website. Contact us if you don’t want to get lost in the heap of the web content available on the internet.