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Web Designers In Sri Lanka – Types Of Websites

Today internet has become the next big thing in the world. Almost everything that runs our lives has managed to occupy its own territory on the internet. Just imagine a day in your life without a net connection or a place where nobody knows a thing about the network. It is hard to survive isn’t? The Internet has allowed us to expand our zone as in we can reach to a maximum number of audience and fetch their views in just a matter of seconds. You can echo your voice using internet and aware people about wrong and right regarding a particular situation. Today we are using the network for serving various purposes. But how do we do it just by sitting at one corner of our room and laptop on our desk? Surely we need a medium to connect to people which is called website. It is like a transparent film which allows the transfer of ideas, opinions, products and services to and fro.

A successful website is that which has better access to a huge number of audience. Generally, people like to visit those websites more where content is updated frequently. But how to create a website? If you are thinking the same, then your quest ends here. As we, one of the best web design companies in Sri Lanka, provide experienced and creative web designers for our clients. If you are looking for one contact us now. But before you think of having a website, you need to know how many types of websites exist on the internet.

This article deals with different kinds of websites depending upon different kinds of content you would like to broadcast.  If you want your business to grow then your website have to be specific about the product you are dealing with. It should have all the information related to the product along with a room where your customer can connect to you. Do you know what is the approx. number of websites existing on the internet today? It is 1.25 billion and the number is still growing at a fast pace. RG web designs Sri Lanka provides you the facility to design your website as per the content and functionality at a very reasonable price.

Websites differ from one another on the basis of the functions they perform. A website can perform one function or many functions at the same time. If we talk about functionality, then websites can be of following types:

  1. Brochure websites:

This is the simplest of all. It generally has few web pages containing information about the work for which the website has been created. For e.g., a website of a school, where all the information, as well as few pictures regarding curriculum, infrastructure, faculty and location, is provided. It is just like a business card with colorful web pages.

  1. Portal websites:

These websites provide already published information from various other web sites. Further, they organize this information for their users. So these are actually the search engines who do the accumulation of information from various sources. Some portal websites also provide the facility of emails, forums, etc. for example; Yahoo.

  1. Wiki website:

A wiki website doesn’t create the content by itself, but it allows people to gather and share the information by writing on it. You can add, edit and access the information any time. For example; Wikipedia.

  1. Social media:

This kind of website I am sure you are most familiar with as we use these the most. As the word suggests, it allows one user to connect with another user and share various information. That information can be in the form of images, messages, videos, etc. For example; Facebook.

Now take a peek at the kinds of website on the basis of content. Website on the basis of content is usually divided into two types. They are static and dynamic. Let’s get into the details:

Static website:

Static websites are also called fixed websites. The content remains same for every user and it is not updated frequently. They are easy to design using  HTML coding. The purpose of a static website is to provide information on a particular topic.

Dynamic websites:

The content of a dynamic website changes very frequently and it is made to satisfy the needs of different customers. Every time you visit a dynamic website, you find some new content on display. All the e-commerce websites are examples of dynamic websites. These are made by professional web designers as they are complex.

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