Static HTML vs. WordPress Website – Which is the Best for Your Business Website ?


In the last couple of decades, the internet has revolutionized almost everything. The business world is no different. Many businesses are working on building their online presence. Indeed, many new entrepreneurs are gravitating towards starting their own online business. Now for doing online business, you would need a business website of your own.

So to launch a business website, you need to know how it is done. When it comes to choosing a platform for your website, often you have to decide between Static HTML and WordPress. While both are beneficial, only one can fulfill all your needs and expectations. If you want to have the web design in Sri Lanka, RG Web Design can be the right choice for you. It is the top web design company Sri Lanka.

However, before you go there, let’s have a look at what is better for your website, WordPress, or Static HTML.


What is WordPress ?

When you want to build a new website for your business, you can use WordPress. WordPress is the CMS or content management system. You can use it for managing your website, blog, design, theme and every other thing pertaining to your business website. With WordPress, you can make changes without any difficulty from the admin region. Even if you are just beginning, you can easily make out the fundamentals of WordPress.

WordPress is not only a top CMS choice, but it is also one of the most preferred choices. Currently, over 25% of the websites found on the internet are supported by is an open-source content management system and it generally comes free of cost along with your hosting package. And offers services for blog hosting.

Pros and Cons of WordPress CMS Web Design and Web Development


When WordPress is joined with the suitable VPS, dedicated, or shared hosting plan, it makes available some brilliant benefits for your business website or personal blog. Its structuring allows its users to build both static pages and normal blog posts. As a result, it provides quite a bit of power and support for commercial and personal websites. Benefits of WordPress:

  • Can be updated easily – It is quite easy to update your website on WordPress. You would just have to log into the admin area and whatever you want to add such as content, images, or videos to your pages or posts. You would not be needing to hire a developer to make a code when you want to add more pages to your business website.
  • Deliver a very powerful performance – WordPress offers a number of powerful features with a lot of premium and free plugins. You can use them to personalize the appearance and functioning of your website. Whether you are looking for a reservation system or feedback forms, you can find the plugin for almost anything.
  • A number of professional themes – WordPress provide its users with many free and premium themes that they can use for their website.
  • Control and complete ownership – By joining WordPress with the right hosting team, you can get your own domain name, content and acquire complete control over your website. This will allow you to develop your website without any interruptions.


Although WordPress offers many benefits, there are some disadvantages as well.

  • Learning Curve – Even if it is easy to use when it comes to advanced level of functionality, things might get a bit challenging and you would have to go through the learning curve. You would need to learn a few things before you proceed. It can take a while for beginners to become acquainted with the platform and software. However, there is a lot of help available in the form of online tutorials and more to go through this learning curve. It would take a little effort on your part.
  • Care and Maintenance – It would be up to you to work on maintenance of WordPress and keep the software, installed plugins and themes fully updated. It can be difficult. But if you want, you can also use managed WordPress hosting to do this work for you. It means that your hosting company will take care of all the maintenance tasks.

Why WordPress can be your ideal choice?

  • User-friendly features and easy to keep updated.
  • Provide thousands of templates for you to use straight away.
  • Can customize the templates as per the nature of your business.
  • It is free of cost.
  • Offers several benefits that come with having a dynamic website.
  • Ability to change the design quickly without handling HTML or hiring outside help. Even the smallest changes you make can show on every page of your site.

Static HTML

What is a Static HTML Website?

It seems like ages ago. But before website developers and content management systems (CMS) joined the world of web design, it was HTML that was used to build pages for a website. It’s a mark-up language and it is still used to build pages. In addition, it can be joined with CSS, JavaScript, and other such languages to acquire added functioning and customization.

A majority of the time, you would have to hire a design company such as RG Web Design, one of the best web design company in Sri Lanka, to create your Static HTML based website. When you pick a CMS, for example, WordPress, this won’t be a matter of problem and if you want, you would still be able to employ HTML inside the CMS. While WordPress keeps your website files in a database, an HTML website will store all your content in static files.

Pros and Cons of a Static HTML website


If you pick static HTML to build your website, to get the most out of this kind of website, you would have to choose the right hosting company. Some of the key advantages of using a static HTML website are as follows:

  • Static HTML is trustworthy and consistent – You can be assured of one thing. Static HTML has been designed in such a way, it cannot be altered, or even get messed up in any case. Generally, it has no moving parts and a user will only see what’s been hardcoded into the HTML document.
  • Requires very little maintenance – Once your website goes live online, you won’t have to see to perform any normal updates or create backups. If you are not wanting to change anything, you won’t have any reason to create a new backup.
  • Don’t have high server requirements – Static HTML does not need much to run their websites. They don’t require PHP or MySQL servers. They can easily operate on a very economical server and with a very little amount of resources. Nevertheless, many hosting companies still provide support for PHP and MySQL.

While these are the two main advantages of using Static HTML for your business website, there are many disadvantages as well.


  • Not easy to update – Updating a Static HTML website is not going to be an easy task, especially if you are a beginner and do not understand HTML and CSS. In case you want to add something or modify something like adding new pages, updating previous contents, uploading pictures or videos, etc., you would have to use the services of a developer to do the job.
  • Can get quite a bit costly – Since you would have to hire a developer to do the updates or almost every other little thing, things might turn out to be a bit more costly for you. Anyways, it’s a usual norm for HTML websites to cost a lot more as compared to WordPress websites.
  • Not any additional features – If you want to expand your business and add new features such as an online store, a gallery, perform a survey, etc. to your Static HTML website, it won’t be as simple as just adding a plugin to develop something new. The additions would have to be coded into your website and that means you would need to hire a developer. Your developer might even recommend you to move to WordPress to avoid any more difficulty.

Why you can go for Static HTML to build your website?

Given below are a few reasons for why you may possibly want to go for Static HTML to develop your business website:

  • The only thing you are needed to show is your contact details.
  • Need only one page with relevant information
  • You run your own server and want to reduce the expenses and use of bandwidth
  • When you have limited bandwidth to work with, or looking for ways to save money with low-priced hosting options.
  • Require very little maintenance or updating as after the codes are ready, and live, you won’t have to make any modifications and would be available to those needing it.

Static HTML vs WordPress

So far, you already know what are the pros and cons of Static HTML and WordPress and so you would have already gotten some idea regarding which option is better for your business website. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at in little detail.

  1. Updates and Changes– If you are sure that you would never want to update your website, add anything to it or make any changes into it, then without any doubt, you can go for a Static HTML website. It will do the job a lot more quickly and also serve your purpose.
  2. Freedom and Control – If you are looking to gain freedom and control over your business website and do not want to spend more money on developers in order to add content, images, and videos, then WordPress is a lot better choice as compared to Static HTML.
  3. Make more money – So as to grow your business website and make more money, WordPress is a great choice with all its dynamic features and functionality.
  4. Hiring developers – If you are using Static HTML, even to make the smallest changes, you might have to hire a developer. Using WordPress, you can add content to your website anytime and without hiring anyone. You can build as many pages as you want. You can add a blog section to your website to keep your clientele You can also build a list of your potential customers’ email and work to bring in more customers for your business.
  5. Plenty of help available – Most of the websites, e., about 25% of the total websites on the internet, are built using WordPress. That means there are a lot of free resources, tutorials, tools, plugins, and other help is available on the internet. That means you become part of a global community working on the same platform, going through almost the same issues, and getting a lot of help.
  6. SEO – In WordPress, you need not worry about SEO in design aspects as the themes are prepared based on the Standards set up by WordPress. You don’t have to do trial and error method with your own design to make it appear in top ranks in search engine results. Latest WordPress themes are more responsive to mobile and tablet format.

Both WordPress and Static HTML come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, which option you are going for would depend on a number of factors, like the size of your business, budget, requirements, and more. As a result, it is not very easy to make a choice.

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