Steps To Speed Up Your Website


Nowadays, a website is not a luxury, but it is a necessity among the folks. Website is not only limited to business people. It is essential for other individuals too, such as bloggers, student, etc. If an individual is running his own business, but he is not having his business website, then he will lose many opportunities in his life.

Some interesting facts about web design

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One of the best parts about website developers in Sri Lanka is they customize the website according to the customer’s need and requirements. Website created by website designing companies in Sri Lanka will represent the online face of the customer’s business. Moreover, web design packages in Sri Lanka are also designed according to the customer’s requirements

Importance of a fast website

Many people probably don’t realize that a very slow website has a negative impact on their business. Without a fast website, you will not be able to display brand image, great messaging, page views, quality SEO content, sales and much more. With a slow website, you have to compromise with various things, which will affect your business adversely. So, to meet the customer’s requirement, it is essential to have a fast website. It is possible to boost the speed of your website; there are some freelancers and website design companies in Sri Lanka, which will assist you in this.

How can you boost the speed of your website?

There are various factors which determine how much time the pages of a website will take to load. So there are different steps which one can follow to improve the user experience.

Some simple steps are mentioned below through which you can boost the speed of your website.

1. Remove all the unnecessary plug-ins and Add-ons

Redundant plug-ins and add-ons decrease the speed of the website a lot, especially; if you are using blogging CMSs (content management systems) like Joomal, Drupal, or WordPress, then it is essential for you to pay extra attention to the unwanted plug-ins and add-ons.

Removal of extra plug-ins and add-ons will assist you in increasing the speed of from 4-5 seconds. Moreover, plug-ins and add-ons contribute to a whopping 84% of your website load time.

It is very essential to keep in mind that it is not just about the number of plug-ins that you have installed on your website, but it is also about the quality of plug-ins. A website with 60, plug-ins can load much faster than a website with 20plug-ins if the quality of the plug-ins is correct and plug-ins must be compatible with the website. Otherwise, they will contribute in slowing down the website.

Plugins are helpful because they enhance the functionality of the website, but we should use them in absolute necessary condition.

2. Limit JavaScript based social sharing buttons from the website

Web designers of Sri Lanka researched and found that removal of some JavaScript based social sharing buttons create a massive boost in the website traffic.

JavaScript is used with most of the social sharing buttons, and this creates trouble when it comes to the performance of the website. The only solution is this to either limit or removes the social sharing buttons.

You can also load social sharing buttons asynchronously so that an outage of a social media site will not be able to slow down your website.

3. Minimize HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) requests

According to the research of web developers of Sri Lanka that 81% of a web page’s load time is consumed downloading the several parts of the pages such as images, style sheets, scripts, etc. because HTTP request is made for each and every element individually so, the website takes time to render.

If you want to minimize the request, then you have to examine, how many requests your website currently makes, so you can use it as a benchmark.

If you are a Google Chrome user, then you can easily find the HTTP requests that your website is making with the assistance of browser developer tools.

In browser developer tools, you will be able to see the total requests that site makes in the bottom left corner. By reducing this number, you can easily boost up the speed of the website. Do not forget to take a look at those files which are unnecessarily present on your website.

4. Combine or minify files

With the help of the browser developer tool, you know how many requests are made by your site, now you have to work on reducing that number. You can start with your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript files because they are extremely essential files and they determine the appearance of the site.

Every time a user visits your website, these files adds to the number of requests to your website. You can easily reduce this number by combining or minifying your files; this will help in the reduction of the size of the file and the total number of files.

If you are a template website user, then it plays a very crucial role for your website because sometimes these files can create a messy code that slows down the website and you will face other problems with your website too.

Removal of unnecessary coding, formatting and whitespace are the necessary conditions that you have to fulfil at the time of minifying your files.

It is essential that you should eliminate line breaks, indication and extra spaces because these unwanted codes add to the size of the page.

If your website is having multiple CSS (cascading style sheet) files or JavaScript files, you can combine them into one to minimize the size of the pages.

5. Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files

You have to optimize the way CSS files and JavaScript files load on your website because of such files load in two different ways that are mentioned below:

Asynchronous way: In this scripts are loaded simultaneously, hence increasing the speed of the website.

Synchronous way: In this one script will load at one time, hence reducing the speed of the website.

So, it is necessary for scripts to load in an asynchronous way.

6. Defer JavaScript loading

Preventing a file from loading until other files have loaded is known as deferring of file. If you want to load your content without a delay, then you can defer the large files such as JavaScript.

7. Reduce time to first byte

You have to examine the time that your website takes to load. TTFB (time to the first byte) is the time duration during which a browser has to wait to get its first byte of data from the server. Web designing companies in Sri Lanka recommend TTFB of less than 198 ms.

The browser sends an HTTP request to the server of the host, whenever a user visits your website. There are three steps that took place between the initial request and the first byte of data and they are mentioned below:

  • DNS (domain name system) lookup
  • Server processing
  • Response

This process takes a very long time for your site to load. If you are using browser developer tools, than it is important to keep in mind that the response time of the website will be slow if you are having a slow internet connection.

8. Minimize server response time

Amount of time consumed by DNS lookups will determine the speed of the page load. Server with an associated hostname and with a database of IP address is known as domain name system. Whenever a user enters a URL into the browser, and then a DS server is the only medium which translates the URL into the IP address and takes the user to the location online.

To improve the speed of the DNS, you have to look at the DNS speed comparison report which is updated regularly, on this you can check which provider gives the highest speed and that you can easily switch on that provider hence boosting the speed of your website.

9. Select the right hosting option for your requirements

Many folks select the cheapest web hosting option available for the site, but this will not last long, because as the traffic on the website increases, you have to switch for a better option. You have three different options when it comes to hosting.

  • Dedicated web hosting servers : In this, you don’t have to share your resources with anyone else, you have much more space in this in comparison to VPN hosting and shared hosting, but there is a lot of work to do with configuration and technical setup, dedicated server is the ideal option for the big business because they need tons of space and complete control over the hosting. One this that you should remember that in this type of hosting you will be responsible or maintenance and it is most expensive among all.
  • VPS web hosting: In this, you will share your server with other sites, but you will get your own dedicated portion of the server.
  • Shared hosting: it is the cheapest hosting alternative and it is ideal for beginners and small businesses. In this, you have to share resources like RAM & disk space etc.. If the server is well optimized, shared hosting will be more than enough for you but if you have very high traffic, then VPS or Dedicated Server would be the best option.
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10. Run a compression audit

If the files of the website are small in size, they will definitely load fast. Hence there will be a reduction in the overall website load time.

Pages with lots of content and images are slow to download because they are bulky, you can increase the speed of the downloading by compressing them. You can use GIDNetwork to know how compression can add a boost to your website and to a run a compression audit.

You can enable Compression with Gzip; it is a software application and file format that temporarily replaces the similar code files in order to make them smaller. It works great in case of CSS and HTML because they have whitespace and repeated coding.

According to some web designing companies in Sri Lanka and Worldwide, this can reduce the download time by 72%.

11. Reduce image sizes

Images often cover a large space, hence reducing the load time of the website, but we cannot remove them altogether. One of the simplest ways to reduce the size of the image is by cropping the image by required size.

You can also compress the image files by using different compressing tools.

Image file type

  • JPG: It is an ideal option for images. In this, some of the image data is lost at the time of saving because of its loose compression. The data that is lost is undetectable and there is no impact on the appearance of the image, which results in a reduction of the size of the image.
  • PNG: It works on lossless compression, which means that there is no loss of the data at the time when you are saving the file, so the image is larger than the JPG image hence increasing the load time of the website. PNG images are ideal for logos, line art, screenshot and other detailed graphics.

After selecting the ideal image file type for your website, always remember to avoid empty image SRC codes.

12. Use external hosting platforms

For large files, you can use external hosting platforms. This is ideal for videos ( Your web host may not support direct video streaming. So you may have to use a third party video uploading platform anyway ). There are several external hosting servers available that you can acquire, some example of external hosting services are mentioned below:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

Note: You can follow all / some of the above-mentioned steps and speed up your website using a professional web designer. You should always take back-ups before doing things of this nature as some websites can break if it is not done correctly ( if the web script does not support modifications ). So always hire someone familiar with web development to get these things done.