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Tips to Make Website Design SEO Friendly – Web Designing in Sri Lanka

The digital world demands a website for good business and brand reputation. But is just creating a well-designed, professional-looking website enough for your business to grow on the digital platform? The answer is no – because to receive traffic and customer base, your website needs to be SEO friendly. It means that search engines should find your websites good enough to show them in their results. We are a professional web designing company in Sri Lanka, and so, we are here to share some tips for making your website design SEO friendly.

  • Use Social Media in Your Design

One of the best ways to get into the eyes of the search engine is integrating social media in your website. Search engine values social media, and so does your customers. Therefore, just by adding a small icon of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on your website will definitely increase its search engine ranking as well as website traffic.

The use of Social Media will help your customer follow you on those platforms and get all your updates first hand, which is great for your business.

  • Using SEO for Images

The first step you learn while making a website is SEO optimization, and many people do so with their website written content. However, most of the people forget to optimize their images. And this is the reason; the search engines cannot understand your images and rank you lower on the list. When you use SEO for images, the search engine will find it helpful and rank you higher. The result – higher traffic and better conversion rates.

When you use images on the website, you need to be careful about the resolution and dimensions. If the image files are too heavy and big, your website will get slower, which will affect the search engine ranking again. So, take help and advice from website design company Sri Lanka to handle this feature properly for the benefit of your business.

  • Keep Your URLs User-Friendly

The best way to make the search engine understand what your website and the page is about is by naming the URL. Make sure the name of the web page is mentioned in the URL as that makes it easy to understand. It also helps your users find the page they want. Another important thing for making your URLs SEO-friendly is by keeping a check on the number of categories used in them. The shorter the URL, the better it is for the SEO. The last thing to keep note is using hyphens in the URL instead of underscores as your customers might end up using hyphens and reach a broken page.

The best way to design a good website with better URLs is when you approach a professional to do so. You can contact us as the best web design company in Sri Lanka for web designing as well as URL designing of your business.

  • Place Keywords at Different Places

Use of keywords plays an important role in the SEO ranking of your web page. However, you need to be careful regarding the keyword percentage and placement. You cannot cluster all the keywords at a specific part of the page content and leave other parts. The placement of your keywords should be throughout the page without making it look like forced. You can also incorporate them into your design and images. Use the keywords in title tags, website slogans, navigation, meta tags, footer links, URLs, folder names, etc. for placing it equally throughout the design.

If you need advice with respect to using keywords, a professional SEO consultant Sri Lanka can help you or else you can also approach any top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka for better use of keywords.

  • Make Website Design Accessible

Last but not the least tip from our side is to make sure that your website design is accessible on all browsers and screens. People might access your website from a different browser or screen like mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. Therefore, you need to check that the website looks good on all the screens and browsers, and your customers can use the webpage to view products or services. Also, you need to check that the website loading speed is not slow as no one in today’s world has patience or time to wait for you. Any of this factor not keeping up will make your visitors exit the website without making a purchase. This factor also affects the SEO ranking of your website.

So, look into all these matters while web designing and also consult a web design company for the same for best results.