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Top Web Design Company – Things to Consider While Designing an eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is one that represents a company’s brand name online and also offers their products for sale on the same website. People have been indulging in online shopping ever since hi-tech smartphones and cheap internet have penetrated the global market. Also, heavy discounts, cash backs, provision of EMI, free shipping and easy home delivery have made online shopping a luxury.

Therefore businesses that are selling their products through their website must ensure they give the best customer experience to their potential buyers. Always remember there are hundreds of websites that might offer the same product and if your website isn’t impressive enough, they are going to ditch your website. As an experienced website design company in Sri Lanka, we take pride in having delivered some of the best eCommerce websites to our clients. We ensure the same to you if you give us the privilege to serve you. There are some important points that one must remember while designing an eCommerce website. Here are those points:

  1. Responsive Design –

Needless to say, smartphones have become a sort of lifeline for the people, especially since there are so many that come in futuristic designs and technologies. Since most times they access websites through mobiles, it is incredibly important that an eCommerce website have a mobile-optimized website. Whether it is navigation or making a payment, every action should be executed smoothly on a mobile.

  1. Design and Products Should Match –

When your design is coherent to the products or services that you are selling, then it gives a very contemporary feeling. Upholding the consistency of your website in terms of themes, design, pictures, text, color, etc. will help it to stand out in the crowd. Keep it elegant if you have a home décor website, but make it colorful if you have a travel website. This is where you will need an expert’s advice and as the leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, we guarantee that your website will be inimitable.

  1. Product Descriptions With Proper Showcase –

Use real images to grab the attention of the users. The more natural and real they look, the better the customer will be able to understand it – hence make a buying decision quickly. The images should also be of high quality. The descriptions should be precise and informative. Ensure you mention dimensions, length, weight, color, quantity, number of pieces, etc.

  1. Optimized/Guest Checkouts –

Not everyone is interested in getting emails on the latest products or discount offers that you are offering. What they are looking for is a one-time purchase from your website. Every customer is important and you shouldn’t be disappointing them. Guest check out will help you get a sale even if it is one. You never know this feature will draw the same customer to your website again.

  1. Payment Options –

Be open to accepting payment from different sources. Besides the regular debit or credit card and internet banking, there are many eWallets that people use as modes of payment. Most eWallets offer cash backs, vouchers and discounts which attract the customers. Providing the customer with more options to pay from helps motivates them to shop from your website. You don’t need to add all of them, just have a few famous ones that are popularly used by the customers.

  1. Contact Information and Customer Support –

Keep your contact information updated. They should be able to connect with you through email, phone, live chat and text. You should have an active customer support helpdesk that helps in resolving customer queries.

  1. Security –

eCommerce websites entice hackers, which means you have to keep your website secure. SSL certificate helps in safeguarding the customer’s information. The payment gateways should also be fortified and secure because there are going to be a lot of transactions every day.

  1. eCommerce Analytics –

A good eCommerce website is one that offers you details of everything that has happened in a day. From a total number of visitors to total number of sales made. A good mechanism will help you keep a track of what is happening on your website.

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