Quotations issued are valid for a period of only 14 days. Quotations do not carry any commitments from either party. We have the sole right to cancel or reject any quotations issued.


For any payment request an invoice will be issued for you. Always make sure you get a paid invoice once a payment is done and confirmed by you. ( For non online payments )

Payment Terms

Full payments has to be made for projects.

Payment Methods

Sampath Bank, Commercial Bank, Western Union Bank Transfer are accepted for all services. Paypal ( via 2Checkout ), Payza, Skrill and Neteller online payments are accepted for certain specific services at the moment. Bitcoins will be accepted for certain projects in future.


All projects will be commenced within a period of 1-3 days once you order a service & payment is receieved ( Marketing services has to be orderd at least 7 days prior to commencing date of marketing plan ). The development time will vary between 2-15 working days. Once a demo is shown of the project, you have to make sure that you respond and get the project completed within a maximum of 6 months time period. Once the files of your project/s is/are uploaded to your server, the project will be considred as completed. If you do not finalize the project in said time period, the project files will be deleted after a period of 1 year from the server and no copies will be maintained. Project will have to be restarted as technology used will be differnt after a period of 1 year ( Mainly if databases are involved ).

Project Time Framework

The time framework stated for each project is an aproximation. Therefore the time to complete project may vary. In case, if the project needs extra time. You should be willing to provide the extra time. Please kindly do not order any service, if you are requirements are of urgent type as urgent projects are not undertaken.


Web solutions will be compatible with latest Chrome, latest FireFox, Internet Explorer 10+ and Safari. We do not offer compatiblity for older browsers speciically IE5, IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9. If you are using any of the older IE versions, please upgrade to latest browser.


Bug are possible as websites will be working on various server environments and browsers. Any bugs will be fixed free of charge within 3 months from date of launching. Any bug fixation after that time period will include additional cost.

Hosting, Domains and SSL

You have to make sure that you take regulary backups using the cpanel options as you will be given full cpanel access. ( If hosted with my servers and recommended web hosts ). Also you have to make sure that you pay the payments on time as expired domains and ssl are beyond my control. No responsibility will be taken for loss of data, loss of profits, legal losses.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be offered as development work cannot be reversed. ( if no service is commenced, refund will be given without any obligation ) Also the domain, hosting and ssl fees will be not be refunded under any circumstances as these are third party services that cannot be reversed. If you are getting services from any third party recommended places in the website, relevant terms and conditions apply as per those service offering websites. If you want to cancel a project, the development expenses has to be paid by customer within an agreed time period by both parties. On the other hand, R G Web Design Lanka has the sole right to cancel any project and offer a refund within an agreed period of time ( If customer has already paid ) with or without a reasons.

Third Party Services

Website includes some of the other freelancers and third party websites for some of the services. I do not take any responsibility for those services as you will be directly working with the service providers.

Services Offerd to following countries only

Our services are offered only to customers in Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada Only. We do not offer services to residence of other countries at the moment but will include more countries in near future.

Privacy Policy

Your personel data will not be released to any third party or used for any marketing purposed without your prior approval.

Updated 12th July 2017

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