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Travel And Tour Website Design Sri Lanka- Some must-have features of a travel website

Web presence is must for every single business organization. Without a functional website, the business will remain unreached to most of the customers. And this goes true for a travel company as well. Even it is more important for a travel company to have an effective website to run their business smoothly. However, just a simple website with great images and booking system is not enough. Rather it should have all the needed features to make the travel website a complete one. We at RG web Design ensure to add all the needed features in a travel and tour website and they will help to enhance the conversion rate of your site.

Here we have shared a list of the must-have features of a travel website. So, have a read to know those features.

Must-have features of a travel website:

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality has become a very advantageous feature in the tourism website that offers a 360-degree view of the location. So, customers can easily explore the place well before they land there. It helps them to choose the place perfectly before booking the ticket. There are many travel web design Sri Lanka Companies. But very few of them offer such features. So, you should really check out with them if they are able to include this feature or not.

Predictive search:

Predictive search can save a lot of time and effort of the users. This is nothing but a drop-down list that appears as you start typing something. It will display all the related staff you were typing. So, there is no need of going to search and hit the button to find something. This feature is very helpful for those who have a device that does not have good typing facility.

Search filter:

Search filter is a must-have feature in every product and service-based business website. Similarly, a travel website too should have one. There are several parameters in traveling which include price per night, location, date range, etc. It helps customers to choose the perfect holiday location based on their requirement. The best graphic designers in Sri Lanka must include this feature on the travel website.

Huge Images:

Images are must in every website in this visual word where images can better convey a message than our mouth. So, when it comes to the travel web design, the images play a big role here. All the images should be big and sharp enough to catch the customer’s attention.


Reviews help a lot to the customers and the website owner both. While a customer can have the right decision by checking through the testimonial, reviews and rating, it helps in the website’s SEO ranking factor. Also, it enhances the conversion rate. We, at RG web design, include all these features by default. So, if you are planning for a perfect travel website design, you can rely on us completely.

Effective payment integration:

Payment system integration is must in the travel website. But, the maximum numbers of options available is a trick to retain the customers. In today’s world, most of the people hold several cards including credit card, debit card, Net banking, Paypal, prepaid card and more. So, they should be given enough choices to choose from. Also, it is good if the company can employ a software to store the customer’s preferred choice that will encourage them to come back again in the future.

Google map integration:

Google map integration is another feature of the travel website. It will help users check out the surrounding area and that particular place where they are planning to go. Also, they will be able to search for any nearest hotel and other required places near the destination.

Easy booking system:

The booking system should be much simpler that can guide the customers the easiest way. A bit more complexity and the customer will leave the page immediately. So, the page should be very simple and easy to handle. Also, it is good to include a property management system that will offer the proper destination, check-in and check-out time and contact details of the hotels to the customers.

So, these are the features which should be included in a travel website definitely. Most of the travel web design Sri Lanka Companies claim to offer such features, but very few of them actually include these. However, you can rely on us completely. We include all the stated features above to make your website highly functional.