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VPS Web Hosting Services in Sri Lanka

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the many Web Hosting accounts and it works as a virtualized machine that allows you to run several operating systems in just one server. ( VPS is more suitable for websites with heavy usage / traffic that cannot be supported by a basic shared hosting account )

For Individuals & Startup's

For Small Businesses

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For Corporate Businesses

By choosing this service with us, you can have all these benefits:

  • More Privacy: there’s no way that other websites have access to your files, unless you share your Operating System with them.
  • Customization: since you have your own OS, you can customize it and upgrade the server to fit your needs.
  • Control: you can restart your system anytime you want without jeopardizing anyone else.
  • Dedicated resources: it gives you dedicated RAM adn CPU available at any time, so no one else will be able to use your RAM and CPU when you need it.

As you can see, this could be an awesome solution for your small business. Don’t miss this opportunity and choose this service with us. We’re a team of professionals in Sri Lanka and you can be sure we’ll do everything in our hands, so your company can grow every day a bit more.

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If you need a USA/UK based VPS, we can help you get it! The only thing you need to do is sending us an email with your questions or request and we’ll respond as soon as possible.