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Web Design Company In Sri Lanka – The most required specialties of a web designer

Web design is a big stuff that has various aspects. A professional or good web designer must be well acquainted in every small aspect. But, still, there are some niche skills that are always demanded by most of the clients. And a company is said to be an excellent web designer if they excel in those skills. This article is all about those niche skill and specialties of the web designer. We have mentioned here the most required specialties of a good web designer. So, have a read. Also, we at RG web design ensure that every single web designer of our company has these specialties.


A website without images is extremely meaningless and boring definitely. Good quality content is always required. But, photography brings life into that. So, images are must in web designing. But any images will not do the job. The designer should have a flair of photography to make it beautifully used in the website ( make sure you provide web designer the necessary photos in high resolution ! ) . A great photography sense can bring a big difference in the website designing. The images used in the website must be hi-res images that will look knife-sharp. So, when you plan to hire any web design company Sri Lanka, ensure they have this madness of photography definitely.

Explainer videos

A video is a much better speaker than us and the best part is, audiences love to watch them. Videos when first made their way to the website, audiences were getting irritated. But, now views are entirely changed. But, the video should be an explainer one. Explainer video is nothing but a video that condenses the whole story of your website into one video. So, audiences are not required to go through any content and all. A video will be enough to convey the message you want. Researchers have proved that explainer videos are extremely effective to enhance the conversion rate. We offer this kind of service to clients at a premium rate. So, if this is your requirement, we will never disappoint you.

Brand expert

The best SEO consultant Sri Lanka and web designer should have the perfect knowledge of branding as well. Website look is the identity of the entire business. So, an expert website designer should know that how to build that brand to capture more and more audiences. When a company wins the title of a good brand, it becomes much simpler to go ahead in the race. So, a web designer is only titled as an expert only when he excels in these stated skills. And, you should definitely check out these points before choosing the right company.

Feature specific

Different clients have a different type of business and so are their needs. You must want your website to look something really different by the inclusion of some special features. And again the web designer will have to understand this. All our staff at RG web design are highly expert and they specialize in every small area of the designing. There are thousands of key features and all are required for several purposes. Some most common features are mentioned here. You should always check out with the web designer if they are able to implement that in the website.

  • Easy to edit content management system
  • Event calendar
  • Social media integration
  • Video integration
  • Blog and news item platform
  • Even and hotel booking system


Ecommerce knowledge

The best web design company in Sri Lanka must be an eCommerce expert. eCommerce design skills are high in demand these days and a designer without this skill is not considered as a good one. The payment system is a very difficult aspect that every eCommerce website requires. And it should be handled just the right way to make things smoother. And all our staff is experienced with this skill. So, if your requirement is an eCommerce website with the perfect payment system, we can assure you the best service definitely.

So, these are the main specialties a good and professional web designer must have. However, these are not everything; rather there are many more aspects and a good designer should excel in most of the aspects of web designing. All our freelance web designers at RG web design comes from a strong background and they have that urge to serve the clients a much better way. We are always available. Contact us to know more about us and experience the true color of website designing.