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Top Tips for Web Designing in Sri Lanka

Within the first few seconds of landing on the website, visitors tend to judge the brand and the company. So, a poor design can lose you your valuable customers. And this is where our professionals will help you with the top tips for web design in Sri Lanka.

  • Have a Plan

The most common mistake people do these days is start designing without a fixed plan in their mind. We, as an expert web designing company in Sri Lanka, make sure to draft a plan before we start designing for you. The web page design should meet all the requirements of your industry and the audience. Moreover, you also need to plan about the web pages that your visitors will visit more, and list the content accordingly.

  • Remove Distracting Items from Website

The website needs to be clean with a nice layout. You need to keep all the distracting elements that can detract your visitors from the core message away. Keep complicated animations, stock images, and long contents to a minimum.

In a survey, it was seen that visitors spend on an average of 8 seconds on a web page, and you need to gain the attention of the visitors in that short amount of time. For this, you need to be clear and concise with the message. We can help you to create compact, small powerful sections with appropriate pictures, content, and headers. Another thing is to avoid jargons in the headers or ambiguous terms. These will only confuse your customers.

  • Include Share and Follow Options

Another great designing technique to follow in this year is to include social share and follow buttons on your website. Your content and offers will only make a great impact if your customers can share it with their friends and family. Therefore, social sharing buttons have become a necessity these days, missing these will definitely keep you away from social media traffic. We will help you with the proper placement and inclusions of such share options while web designing Sri Lanka. These simple tricks will encourage your consumers to share and stay interested in your website without feeling pressurized for buying.

  • Right Placement of Calls to Action

Once the consumers land on the website, does the next step appears to them conveniently? Or do they have to search for the next button? The placement of the call to action button makes all the difference. We will help you to use this element to the most advantage of your business. The placement of this button can give to more business, but if placed too many times and created spam, then the same feature can even lose you some business. This is where you need one of the best web design companies in Sri Lanka to make this feature work best for you.

  • Use of Right Images

You need to be clear and concise with the images you display and the message you convey through them. The web page is not all about the content but also the right use of images. As these pictures also convey a message and in fact is a faster way of conveying the intent of your business. But stocking your entire website only with images is also not a great idea. Therefore, we will help you to keep a perfect balance with the images to enhance the web design of your website. Moreover, we will also help with the loading speed of your website as including high definition images can slow down the loading time.

  • Free-Flowing Navigation

Navigation is the key to any website and conversions in the business. If your consumers cannot navigate throughout your website, then they won’t find it easy to do business with your company. Therefore, it is necessary that your home page itself shows the essential pages of your website that they can visit easily. We will help in improving the website’s navigation and simplifying it for your customers to make them stay longer on your site. If your consumers don’t find what they need, then they’ll just bounce off and land on your competitor’s website.

These are some of the important tips that you need to keep in mind while web designing in Sri Lanka. However, there are some more pointers to keep in mind while developing the website such as letting the visitors scroll your homepage for maximum influence, keeping the design of layout minimalistic, making sure that the design is mobile friendly as well as search-engine friendly, and updating your content as per the changing trends and requirements. Keep all these factors in mind for staying high on the search engine ranking.