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Design Tricks to Grow your Business – Web design company website design sri lanka

We are a web design company Sri Lanka, which has always focused on improving user experience and improve business profitability through the various design nuances that we utilize on websites. In some ways, design plays a major role in attracting new audiences and also improving your user experience. So we will cover some of the designs which improve business growth and how our team of website developers in Sri Lanka utilize these in websites.

  1. Using videos on landing pages

Videos can make a big impact. But this does not mean that every landing page with a video is successful. You must be able to create a video which accurately represents your business and includes some form of a call to action. Your video must be able to grab the attention of your users and lead to a considerable impact. The total length of the video should be just adequate to keep your audience interested. It is ideal to keep it under two minutes.

As a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, we create lots of landing pages which include videos. But we inform all our customers that while it definitely improves customer experience, the quality of the video and its authenticity is important to build a good brand reputation.

  1. Animating your call to action buttons

The call to action buttons are always an important element from the business point of view. Our web developers in Sri Lanka usually animate the call to action buttons in order to guide the customers towards the call to action buttons. Utilizing animated call to actions helps your customers easily locate it and then proceed towards taking necessary action through it. 

  1. Using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps you convert new visitors through the chat window. If you have an intelligent chatbot, then you will find a lot of your visitors being converted to customers. The efficacy of using artificial intelligence lies in how you train the chatbot, the data it has access to and the manner in which it is designed.

As a web design company in Sri Lanka, we have always felt that technology can offer a lot but benefit from technology, you have to utilize it effectively. Poorly designed bots can hamper your business reputation and also negatively impact the user experience. So always be sure that you invest in the right chatbot. 

  1. Design for users

Sometimes, you may end up being so immersed in aesthetics and designs that you leave the user out of the design process. As a result, your business ends up creating a website which suits their perspective or maybe the designer’s perspective but is not ideal for your target audience. As a company that is known for web design in Sri Lanka, we always encourage our clients to take the time to explore the target audience, their behaviors and their perceptions. This helps us create designs which are user-oriented. 

  1. Using authentic photos and videos

Authenticity plays a big role. Stock photos and videos lack authenticity. You will not be able to copyright any images or videos which you pick from a stock photography website. As a result, your customers will only be looking at generic photos and not real photos of your business, your employees, or the work you do.

For a better impact on your customers, switch to authentic photos. It will help your business gain a better reputation among your users. This is also the same reason why we encourage customers to use customized themes instead of pre-designed themes for their websites.

  1. Organize information to suit your audience

Every website must be designed in a way that it provides information in an organized way to your customers. That should be a smooth flow of information that allows your clients to take in data without getting distracted. Organized websites improve readability, as well. Your customers rely greatly on a proper web design, which makes it easy for them to find information go to whichever page they want and easily contact you if needed.


If your business relies on your website for conversions and for lead generation, then it is important to create a website which is suitable for your audience. As a web design company website design Sri Lanka, we explore new ways in which user experience can be improved, which in turn affects your business growth. Some of these technologies must be carefully tested before being applied to your website like AI chatbots. On the other hand, there are well-tested methodologies like asking your users for their email address through a small box on the side. We at RG Web Design Sri Lanka, utilize a combination of such design ideas to create highly impactful and productive websites for our clients.