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With respect to web design Lanka has grown into a hub of developers, designers and consultants who offer a diverse range of services. While you may find a lot of freelance web designers in Sri Lanka, it is more suitable to find a company which can provide you with a range of services that aid web design. These web design companies are also likely to be using the services of freelancers, but you can strike a good deal for a package of services helping you get your money’s worth. When looking into a company or a freelancer’s work for their web designing abilities, here are a few signs that speak about quality work:


Many customers stop using a website if it seems too difficult to navigate. When a website features easy navigation with the placement of elements in common places, it is more likely to be comfortable for users. Websites targeting an elderly audience or people over the age of 30 should ideally choose design elements which are less confusing and are located in places where the customer is most likely to find it.

For example, a user is likely to look for the “Contact Us” option either on the top right of the menu or on the footer menu. By changing the common place of a header, customers may get confused and may end up exiting your page without taking any action. Our team of website developers in Sri Lanka are always intent on understanding the target audience to create an effective website.


Good content always aces over everything else. A customer cannot easily deter from reading content, which is interesting, impressive and offers value. Our content writers work closely with the web designers and SEO consultants Sri Lanka to create high quality content which can rank high in search engines and also capture the interest of readers.

Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed of a website is an important factor to decide search ranking. This is why, as a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, we encourage our web designers and web developers to keep the page loading speed in mind when working on any project. This ensures that your website is optimized for search engines from the design point of view.

Conversion Strategies

A good web design Lanka will feature elements that make it possible for businesses or individuals to get more conversions. From adding a popup at the time of exit to including a message on the sidebar requesting for the customer’s email address, every conversion strategy can help the business expand their customer reach and increase business opportunities.

For individual bloggers, these conversion strategies can help in promoting affiliate products or your personal products which can be purchased from a third party website or from your own ecommerce website.

Web Compatibility

Your customer reach depends heavily on your website’s compatibility on a range of platforms, devices, screens and browsers. A good website will always be built with compatibility in mind. Websites that are highly compatible to various platforms and web browsers will be able to reach out to more people. Websites loaded with design elements and a variety of web development applications may not render easily on every resolution or screen size.

This is why our website developers in Sri Lanka are dedicated to building websites that are not just focused on packing on too many features and conversion strategies, but also on the website’s ability to reach out to more customers with easy navigation and less noise.

Choice of color and graphics

Good websites always have the ability to look clean and attractive for their audience. The choice of color and graphics play a vital role. This is why freelance web designers in Sri Lanka are always looking into new design trends and color palettes that are being used in the industry. They focus on resonating the brand’s personality with the help of colors and graphics to provide a sense of continuity in the brand.

Relevance to current design trends

Lastly, web designers can never overlook the importance of staying current with their design strategies. Websites that look dated end up being ignored and are unable to create a considerable fan following. Audiences are always looking for fresh design elements combined with classic design trends to create high quality websites that are easy to navigate.

Web design Lanka is a highly dynamic stage where several designers continually try to put their best foot forward to gain recognition. RG Web Design Sri Lanka has one of the most creative and experienced team of designers and developers who deliver high quality projects.