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Web Design Prices Sri Lanka

A lot of our clients get to asking us about the web design prices Sri Lanka even before they talk about the project. Like always, we explain to them that their requirements will be the biggest factor when it comes to pricing. Quite surprisingly, very few of our clients understand that pricing is not up to us as much as it is up to their goal or dream about the website they want to build. Here are a few things that we factor in when it comes to calculating the web design prices in Sri Lanka.

  1. Time

All freelance web designers in Sri Lanka work on an hourly basis or charge you per project. In most cases, even when the cost per project is decided, design professionals consider the amount of time thatfreelance web designers in Sri Lanka the project will take before calculating the cost. As one of the best web design company in Sri Lanka, we also factor in the amount of time spent on each project before calculating the cost.

If a project is simple where the website requires basic changes, then the price of designing that website will be relatively low because it will be completed quickly. On the other hand, if a website requires brainstorming new ideas and creative design patterns, then it will require more time and will eventually become more expensive.

As an entrepreneur, you may want to try and spend as less money as possible for your website, but if you were to give adequate time to the project, then you are more likely to get a satisfactory result. Projects that are rushed because of short client timelines would notice less creativity and more use of generic designs.

  1. Complexity

Both complexity and time go hand in hand. Complex projects take more time. Additionally, they also require more people to work on the project. This increases the overall cost of the project. Along with web designers and web developers, if the project requires us to include the best graphic designers in Sri Lanka as well, then the price would be higher for that project. But it also means that the end result will be more pleasing and it will exceed your expectations.

Basic projects where the client does not require too many design elements or a complex layout or too many features within the website can also be made to look beautiful but will cost less because fewer people would be working on the project.

If you were to consider SEO consultant Sri Lanka along with the design and development of your website then again you will pay higher. At the same time, your website will have quality content optimized for search engines, which means that your ROI will be higher too. 

  1. Content

Good content greatly improves the quality of a website, its SEO ranking as well as customer experience. This is why we have a team of experienced content writers who weave enigmatic stories for the websites we create. Additionally, we also have to consider the use of photographs and videos, which may include a cost to ensure that we do not breach any copyright laws. With all this in mind, content can sometimes become price-heavy. Website content is tailored to meet your price range as well as your needs.

If you are planning to use free stock photos, then you may pay less, but if you are planning to create a website with unique photos and videos, then you may have to invest in a photographer too. This will increase the overall cost of creating that website.

When pricing a website, we consider the amount of content required because photos or videos may have to be bought from stock photo websites and even content writers will be paid according to the amount of content that they need to deliver.


If you plan to hire a website design company in Sri Lanka to design your website, then consider these factors and explain the quality that you expect. You can use reference websites to talk about the content or the design that you want for your website. This helps you as well as the company identify how much time the project will take, how complex it could be and how much content will be required.

As a result, the company will be in a better place to answer your question about pricing. This will also ensure that you will be able to figure out if the cost of the website is actually worth your money or not.

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