Home Web Design Sri Lanka – How To Get The Right Home Page Design For Your Website?

Web Design Sri Lanka – How To Get The Right Home Page Design For Your Website?

When an online user accesses your website, most of the times, the first thing they see is your homepage. Your homepage creates the first impression of your website and brand, so it is necessary that you design it right. Whether you are redesigning your website or you are planning for completely new web design Sri Lanka, you would be launching your website anew. RG Web Design, a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka, can give you the best web design Srilanka. To make sure that your homepage is attractive and make your users stay more for more:

  1. Convey with clear objective what you are offering

Even though most of the people have a tendency to focus on visuals over text when it comes to web development in Sri Lanka. Both are important when you are planning the design for your homepage. Make use of organized visuals and share content to tell your users who you are and what you are offering. Your visitors should also be able to discern what makes you different from your competitors in your industry.

  1. Add a Call-to-Action and put it in the most visible place

In theory, it is not necessary for you to put your call-to-action on the homepage. But it is a great practice in most cases. Although many of your visitors might not be ready to make the purchase straight away, you should be prepared for every situation.

  1. Make use of top quality and original pictures

Images or visuals play a very big role in attaining users’ interest and encourage them to make purchases. But it is important that you use high-quality and original images or visuals. It would be better to take the images of your product or services and add them with your product description. It would make your website look more genuine as compared to your competitors and encourage the visitors to make purchases.

Every person likes to see what they are purchasing online before making the final purchase. Real photos of your products or services can help your buyers’ envisioning themselves using your product or service for real. It would help them in making decisions quickly and easily. They might also recommend your website to others. It would also increase the credibility of your website if the real product and photo of your product will match.

  1. Apply complementary colors

When you use complementary colors for your homepage, it will make your page look more professional and users would be able to have better navigation. It would allow you to make sure that a few items on the homepage come into focus on the screen, for instance, a call-to-action link or form. It would help you make more important items jump off the screen and improve the conversion rate. You can also use colors to create an emotional connection with your visitors the moment they come to your website. Colors have emotional charm, and the colors you pick for your homepage ought to not only match your brand, but also the feeling you want to be linked with your organization.

  1. Make use of whitespace correctly

If you have some understanding of web design Srilanka, you must have noticed how the new homepages are being built. Importance of whitespace has increased significantly as website developers in Sri Lanka are using it very smartly to improve the first impression of the website and make it more eye-catching and professional looking. They are using whitespace to make the websites more user-friendly and easy to navigate.

  1. Share the information in a concise and correct manner

When you are adding content to your website, keep your sentences short and your paragraphs small, maybe up to three or four sentences. Too much content without any significance or repeating the same information in different ways, your page would look disorderly and unappealing.

  1. Add a search bar on our homepage

Adding a search bar on your homepage can improve the users’ experience. It would help them find the required information on our website instead of looking through every menu and sub-menu. A search bar can prove to be very convenient for visitors to swiftly find the content they are looking for on your site, particularly if you generate a whole heap of it. While it is not a must-have for your homepage, but it would be a very user-friendly feature.

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