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Web Design Sri Lanka – Trends to Follow

Believe it or not, but the digital world is changing with each passing day. And to be successful in today’s era, you have to be up to date with each new upcoming trend. If your business is still working on web designs that were famous 2 years back, then you are already a ton of things behind. We can help you with the latest trends and updates in the web designing Sri Lanka. And this article is to help you become familiar with the trends to follow for the future.

Although the year has half gone, people are still unaware of what matters more in the digital world. Therefore, in this article, we will help you with the trends that your website needs to have in this year.

  1. On-Screen Serifs

As the best web design company in Sri Lanka, we know the rule of prints and sans serifs for the screen by heart. However, the coming years are more of bold serifs than anything else. Although we still prefer to use the sans for its clean readability feature, especially for the longer text paras, bold serifs navigate your customers to the important pointers. This is what web design in Sri Lanka does. We design decorative serifs for more emphasis and that way you get your consumers to know the USP of the website. Do not consider Serifs as the past design trends, it still has a lot of juice in it, and the coming years will be all about the on-screen serifs.

  1. Black & White Palettes

Trends do not form overnight; it changes with constant space and a good build up. This is why, we know, that the future of Web Design Sri Lanka is the black and white palettes. Color is an important element for your brand image, and people do recognize the business because of its brand. Moreover, it creates a mood and sets the tone of the website. This year, the trend is going to be the classic black and white palettes. The main reason behind this is to give a certain tone to the website. We can also add an accent of color to make it more impressive and keep your website as per the web design Srilanka trends.

  1. Natural and Organic Shapes

Gone are the days with overdoing designs and a lot of features in a single webpage. Now, it is the trend of keeping things simple and attractive. Graphic design companies in Sri Lanka have started this trend, and now even web designing companies in Sri Lanka are following the same. We are the professionals and know the balance of the web page; it needs subtle and natural flow. Geometric structures like rectangles, squares, and triangles create stability in the design, but in the coming years, we will give more importance to comfort and accessibility. This is the age of asymmetrical flow with perfect balance and comfort to bring the illusion of movement.

  1. Micro-Interactions

Including this feature on your website will help you with the conversion and business rates. If you ask us, what is micro-interaction, then our answer would be the small interactive updates you get when you load any page. For instance, the count of friend requests on the Facebook page or the beep you hear while refreshing the Twitter page. This is a way to engage the audience and subtly have information of the preferred actions, which you can use further to make your webpage better.

Another similar feature we can use are chatbots, which have become obviously very famous, and we can evolve them a little further. The new chatbots will be smarter, showing more customization option with bright colors and inviting presence. This is another way of collecting data from your users and making the website a notch better.

  1. More Video Content

This is a useful option that we have already started using a few years back, but still going very strongly overall. Video helps in diversifying the page and also helping the people out there who have no time for scrolling and reading the entire page. And the plus point is that Google also prefers webpages with mixed content to the standard ones. So, the coming years will be of adding more and more video content to the website and ranking higher with good user’s feedback.

These are some of the trends to follow this year. However, there are many more that you can follow depending on the industry you belong to like construction web design or similar pages. You can always contact us for knowing more about the trends in your industry for web designs Sri Lanka and we will be happy to help you with over professional advice.