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Web Design Sri Lanka – Web Designing Tips for Building First Business Website

The biggest task in creating an online presence of a new business is designing a website. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of an impressive website. It is a platform on which the foundation of your business rests and it can give you immense gains. This is where we come in; we are a website design company in Sri Lanka and we can help you design an imposing website for your new business.

There are several elements that need to be considered while crafting a website. Listed below are few of them.

Rich and Interactive Design

A website that is pretty to the eyes will definitely not let the visitors leave. And when the page is made interactive and useful, it helps in turning a potential customer to a buyer. A good website is one that enhances user experience. Using the right blend of colors, creating a good form design, using an appropriate dynamic effect, avoiding pop-up designs, etc. should be kept in mind while creating a useful and attractive website.


A website should be designed professionally using simple yet unique designs. Online searchers prefer to see simple things. They find such websites easy to navigate and professional. A clutter-free website makes everything on it visible to the visitor. This helps them to have a pleasant experience while exploring your website. The navigation menus, design elements, ads, etc. should be carefully selected. Everything on the web page should look perfect. If there is an element that looks nice but is not necessary – remove it! You can always us to craft the best website for you as we happen to be the leading web development agency in Sri Lanka.

Traceable by Search Engines

A good website is one that can be found by the search engines and your website comes up in the first page of the search results. A website that has rich and useful content with relevant keywords, sitemap, optimized images and videos, uncluttered, URLs, etc. along with several other elements is one that is highly ranked by the search engines. A pretty to watch website will be useful only if it comes up in the search result pages of the search engines. We ensure that your website is SEO optimized and can be searched by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


Having a mobile-friendly responsive website design is of the highest significance. With the uprising of the smartphone industry where they have created highly advanced phones and the availability of good internet at pocket-friendly prices, the people have almost gone desktop/laptop free. People are seen using mobile phones and smaller handheld devices throughout the day, which means all their searches are done through their mobile devices. The design of any website would look quite different on a mobile screen than what it would on a desktop or laptop. Therefore a responsive version of the website, especially for the smartphones is necessary. You will hardly have any crowd if your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Quality Content

Poor and irrelevant content will not let the search engines find your website. You must ensure that the content created for the website is of the best quality. Content that is relevant and of superior quality helps the visitor, which also means that they are likely to become your buyers. Topic, description, keywords, meta tags, etc. should be well searched and informative. This is let the search engines locate you and index you so you can get a good ranking on the search results pages. Along with website designing, we also offer the best SEO services Sri Lanka. We create an SEO optimized website for you so you can be sure to get good traffic and visibility on the search results pages.

Stay Away from Anything Borrowed and Add Real Images

Images play an important role in making your website an interesting one. However, images should not be anything borrowed from the many photography websites that are available on the internet.  A picture borrowed from stock photography isn’t going to add any value to your business website irrespective of it being an overwhelming one. People believe in reality and trust when they are shown the actual and real things. You should put pictures from your work, probably team gathering, office environment, your original product, etc. Consider investing a small amount in good photography and you will always have good traffic on your website.

These are just some of the essentials required when a website is developed. This is why it is best that you leave the technical part to the experts. We are a reliable company or web designing Sri Lanka and while you focus on how you could boost the sales of your business, let us create a powerful and beneficial website for you.