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Website Accessibility and Its Importance

Website accessibility is one of the biggest focuses for website owners and web design Sri Lanka. If you are not aware about website accessibility, then here’s a guide to help you. Website accessibility is all about making your website more accessible and friendly for users with disabilities. As a result, your website will be able to reach a larger audience. Some of the main impairments that millions of internet users suffer from are:

  • Partial or complete inability to see color contrasts
  • Inability or reduced ability to hear
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Photosensitivity leading to seizures

Evaluating accessibility early into designing and developing the website is very important. Our team of web developers in Sri Lanka aim to make websites which focus on accessibility since it affects user experience and also improve your SEO ranking. As one of the best web design company in Sri Lanka, we will look at 7 ways in which you can make your website more accessible.

  1. Make your website keyboard friendly

Where websites are continually being developed to be touch-friendly, keyboards are often being left behind. But this impacts users who are dependent on accessing your website through keyboards. Make sure that your website can easily be navigated with the help of keyboard. Users should be able to use the tab key to navigate between different headers and menu options to easily move from one page to another. Our team, as well as freelance web designers in Sri Lanka, ensure that this is kept in mind while designing websites.

  1. Use alternate text in all images

Many of your users will rely on the piece of alternate text to find out what the image is. Describe your image in the alternate text to help your users understand the reference to the image. It is also known to help in SEO ranking because it contributes towards website accessibility. 

  1. Pick the right colors

The combination of colors you use on the website should make it easy for your users to read text on your website. Soothing colors and more white space makes a website more appealing for lots of users. People perceive colors differently. So it is important to use colors that contrast well. Putting together two dark shades will make your text less readable. As a leading company for web design Sri Lanka, our designers and web developers in Sri Lanka have keen insight into color palettes and the different color contrasts which work well. 

  1. Make your text scalable to the screens

Scalability is important for reaching a large audience. Instead of choosing a specific number for the size of your texts, choose a size option which will easily adjust to different screen without breaking your site. 

  1. Structure content for easy readability

Make your website content easily readable for all types of readers. This may include audio prompts, clear headers, proper spacing of the letters and a clean design which does not distract the readers. All of these allow readers with impairments to go through your website without problems. As one of the best web design company in Sri Lanka, we are known for creating well-structured content that aims to improve accessibility for users. 

  1. Avoid flashing content

A lot of users have problems related to flashing content. If you will be using flashing content in your website, then you must include a warning to ensure that you minimize risks of photosensitive seizures among your users. You can also include the option of turning off such flashing content for users who wouldn’t want to view these but would still like to navigate your website. Animations, moving content, and content that flashes in a certain pattern or rate can cause discomfort to some of your users.

  1. Include additional input modes

Many of your users may have impaired motor skills making it difficult for them to carry out gestures which require greater dexterity. This is why you must include input modes which cater to such users. Include an ‘undo’ functionality so that users can easily return to where they were earlier. Make buttons large enough for your users to easily click on them and include voice activation to help your users navigate the website.


As a company focused on web design Sri Lanka, a number of our clients come for web accessibility solutions. Our team of web developers in Sri Lanka, keep website accessibility in mind and create designs which will be able to target a larger audience, including those who may suffer from certain disabilities.