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Big and small businesses alike have realized that a website can be of great importance. But setting up a website requires a lot of thought. We are a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka focused on providing high quality web design services. Based out of Colombo, our team caters to local as well as international clients. If you are planning to get a website for your business or to redesign an existing website, then here are a few things to consider:

Your Website’s Goal

Some businesses see a website as just another way to keep up with the competition, but forget to focus on the true goals of the website. This can reduce the prospective returns that a business can earn from the website. As one of the best web design company in Sri Lanka, we help our customers identify the goals of the website.

This ensures that the website adds value to your business as a marketing tool. The goals of your website can be one of the following or may be a combination of these:

Getting more buyers

Many businesses start a website to attract more customers. Geographical boundaries limit brick and mortar stores from expanding easily. But online stores are not limited to a specific geographical boundary only.

Expanding customer base

If not as buyers, your company can still reach out to more people and expand your customer base. This is done by encouraging customers to sign up for newsletters or to set up an account with your company.

Improving brand reputation

Brand reputation can play a big role in increasing sales. If you use impactful campaigns to promote your business through your website, then your brand’s reputation can improve.

Improving customer experience

Websites provide customers with round the clock access to your business. Your brick and mortar store may not be able to handle overwhelming sales or may not be able to cater to customers 24*7. This is where websites have helped business owners strengthen their customer relationships.

Your Brand’s Colors

Psychological studies have proved that colors have a deep connection with human emotions. With some of the best graphic designers in Sri Lanka on our team, we research colors and the role they can play in websites. If your business has been using a specific set of colors, then we try to incorporate the same color palette on your website as well. This adds familiarity to your website, making your customers feel more comfortable in your website environment.

 Keeping It Simple

Our team has deep knowledge about web development Sri Lanka. While as a customer you may want to include lots and lots of elements to your website, there is a chance that your website may end up looking too messy. In order to make the website look clean and easy to use, your website should feature a design that is simple yet attractive. Simple should not be mistaken for boring or unattractive. Instead, simple designs can be a lot more powerful than overly used elements, videos and photos.

Staying Relevant

When you leverage the latest technologies and designs, your customers have the opportunity to visit a website which is modern and relevant. From avoiding bad links to removing old offers and coupons as soon as the offers end, websites must always be

maintained and managed in a way that the audience enjoys newness very frequently.

Staying relevant also requires you to keep your website free of old technologies and design elements which are considered obsolete. If you have an existing website that you plan to redesign, you must look at pages which are least visited by your customers and identify the reason for lesser footprint on these pages. This can help you identify areas of your website that require focus when it is being redesigned. We can help you with web design in Sri Lanka at an affordable price.

Understanding Your Audience

Whether you are planning on setting up a new website or on overhauling your existing website, it is important to keep your audience in mind. This is because the design and layout of your website are going to impact the outlook of your customers towards your brand. The design will require some familiarity so they can easily move around the website and at the same time, it should feature a fresh essence of creativity.

For web design Sri Lanka has started seeing a lot of creativity and talent. At RG Web Design Sri Lanka, we create attractive and catchy websites which feature the latest technologies and design layouts.