Web Design Trends


A website is imperative for your business as it assists you to establish credibility. It is a fundamental requirement for the growth of the business. Website is the exclusive way to interact with the consumers; it gives the user a clear thought regarding your brand. Some bonuses of a website are discussed below

  • It is obtainable around the clock
  • It is convenient for consumers
  • Benefits in the increment of sales
  • You can market your enterprise
  • You can approach more people
  • You can take your business to the global level
web design trends sri lanka

Some interesting facts about website designing

If you want to achieve heights in your business, the website is a first step that you should take for your business because the website is a platform of interaction with your customers and competitors in the market. Web designing companies in Sri Lanka are popular all over the world for their high-class design and the tremendous level of security. Websites created by web developers of Sri Lanka are best because they are highly skilled and focus on the requirements of the customers. Employees that are working in web designing companies of Sri Lanka are professionals in the field of graphic designing, web designing, digital marketing and much more. Web designers of Sri Lanka can assist their customers in all over the world because they have their links in each and every corner of the world, so you can get help from them by sitting at your place only.

Web designing companies in Sri Lanka ideally captures the vision of the website, they try to make it according to the business requirements of the customer, and they regularly keep check with the customers in order to make a perfect website for them. The team of web developers of Sri Lanka not only focuses on making the perfect website, but they also target the audience that customer is chasing. Moreover, their digital marketing team assist the customer to take their brand at the national level, by increasing the traffic on the website.

One of the best things about website designing companies in Sri Lanka is that website created by them represent the online face of user’s business. Moreover, packages and offers that are given to the customers by web designing companies of Sri Lanka are customised according to the customer not according to the profit of the companies.

Latest Web designing trends

In recent times we have seen various web designing trends; majorly these trends are originated from web designing companies of Sri Lanka.  Website trends are all about knowing and experimenting with the new advancements that are done in the field of web designing. Some trends in the field of web designing are mentioned below; these trends will assist you in customizing your website.

Al, machine learning and deep learning

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence. In this field, the computer is trained to make assumptions with the help of pre-determined algorithms. It is a data-driven task; in this past data samples are required to make predictions. Some applications of machine learning are mentioned below that are utilized to perform a given task.

  • WiX ADI (artificial design intelligence): It is an AI-based website builder, to make a website beautiful and attractive it gathers the related content from social media. After combining with machine learning algorithms, it generates mind-blowing website designs.
  • Adobe Sensei: Customised applications and workflow are created by the assistance of adobe sensei. Related backgrounds, images and illustrations are identified by this. It also helps in boosting the speed of the website because it automates the repeating task.
  • The grid: Mobile responsive websites are created with the help of this AI based website builder. It helps in building the website at minimal cost by skipping the development process of the website.
  • Firedrop: In starting this was only used by freelance web designers of Sri Lanka, but now it is used globally. Firedrop can make website in just seconds with the help of machine learning. Moreover, this also assists in making tailor-made website designs.


It helps in making appearance hassle-free and it also boosts the speed of the website so it can load faster. Minimalism works on the concept of simplicity, which means you have to add less number of elements in your website so that viewers can grasp information easily.

If you want the delivery of information to be accurate and simple, then you have to keep certain things in the mind that are mentioned below. These things provide an excellent user experience and also help in making navigation easy.

  • Adequate white space
  • Proper contrast
  • Sufficient soothing typography

According to the online marketing companies in Sri Lanka, minimisation will rise and shine further in the coming time because it makes scrolling a fun thing to do and the visitors can easily find the required information.

Top digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka, are focused towards the minimisation to make UI/UX and advanced web for their customers.


Nowadays, websites are independent because artificial intelligence has taken website designing to another level. Now, the websites do not require human support. Chatbots are introduced in the field of web designing to provide more efficiency and in coming days they will rule the world of the websites.

Design systems

Various designing tools are introduced in the field of web designing for enhancement and development of websites because every individual out there is searching for a better website design.  Designing systems are constantly evolving with time and new features are added into them timely. Some tools are mentioned below that will be ruling the websites in 2019 are mentioned below

  • Rapid prototyping tool (mock plus)
  • Front end tool (FrontMap)
  • UI interface tool (sketch)
  • Gradient tool (WebGradients) and much more

Animated GIFs

User these days want instant gratification when it comes to the information they are finding, which means you have limited time duration to grab their attention towards your website, this is the reason GIFs are shining these days.

GIFs have the ability to convey complex ideas in a limited time. Moreover, they are engaging and entertaining also. In addition, they are work on most of the mobile devices and web browsers, so they are easily accessible to everyone out there. They assist in increasing the traffic on your website. Furthermore, they develop a curiosity in users to learn more about the website.

Loading speed

In order to improve the search engine ranking of your website, you must be having high loading speed so that users don’t have to wait for a long time.

According to web hosting Sri Lanka, you can reduce the load time by minimizing redirects, reducing the size of the image, use those share buttons that require minimal scripting and to get access to a server then always use a content delivery network.

White space

White space is not new in the fields of web designing, but it was not used earlier in web development. Web developing companies in Sri Lanka started using this after that white space came into the knowledge of the people. Earlier white space was used to provide an aesthetic look to the website such as margins, borders, etc. but now things are changing in the contemporary market. Nowadays, white space is used to bring focus on the content that is written on the white space. Web developers of Sri Lanka, use more than the required white space which makes the content noticeable. So, nowadays, it is becoming a designing element. White space is now not limited as the breathing element between design elements.

Integration of search engine optimization (SEO)

There is no use of your website if it is not able to reach the maximum number of people. According to the SEO companies in Sri Lanka, a website is competing for obscure activity in the market of websites. So, it is essential to use proper SEO techniques while making a website. The beauty of your website will not assist as much SEO techniques will assist in bringing new businesses to the enterprise.

Website is a strong weapon if to spread your business name on the internet. On search engines like Google, SEO will assist users to search the website through organic searches.

Glitch art

Retro designs are coming back in the field of website designing. Nowadays, computers are pervasive, so glitch art plays a significant role in the modern field of website designing. According to the web developers of Sri Lanka, if retro went wrong, then it will be a major disadvantage for your business, but if done correctly then retro is the best way for setting a benchmark.

Glitches drag the vision of the viewer’s towards wrapped, double exposed, and glitchy side of the website. Glitch art amplifies the look of the website. Furthermore, it creates a distinctly psychedelic look for your website.

Organic and natural shape

Web pages are typically determined towards systematic grids, but these days, designers are turning towards smooth lines and natural shapes. Geometric shapes which have sharp corners like rectangles; squares and triangles do create stability in the website, but modern trends have changed and web developers are evolving towards organic and natural shapes because they create a comfort level with the viewer.

Organic shapes make page element standout on their alone because they equip web design with depth. Moreover, they are naturally imperfect and asymmetrical. Organic shapes are able to catch the man-made accidents like paint splatter. The aim of this trend is to feel alive through the delusion of movement.

One page applications

According to the web designing companies in Sri Lanka, when someone is eagerly waiting to collect important information from your website, but it takes a lot of time to load, then it is the most irritating and frustrating thing for the customer. Low internet speed contributes to the frustration of the user.

One-page checkout feature is ideal to solve this problem. This will provide better engagement to your profile and will divert traffic from other websites to your website, which will be beneficial for your business.

Responsive design

While making a website for your company you cannot ignore the mobile phone platform, because every person out there has a mobile phone in his hand. According to the research, the number of mobile phone user will reach to 4.70 million in 2019. That is why web developers are giving more priority to mobile versions of the website.  Responsive designs will enhance the experience of mobile users; it will not be needed to open your laptop or desktop for information that you are searching for.


Purpose of micro-interaction is to surprise the viewer and to generate the content that is inviting and relatable. Every small step that a user take has a specific action on the site, in return to which we get a required response, this is known is micro-interaction. It is a way of grabbing the audience to your website because the web page looks a little bit smarter in comparison to other web pages.

Add more video content

Video content is ideal in this busy life because they give the whole idea about the website and people do not have the time to read a lot of written content. Moreover, video diversifies the website.

While users search for any information on the search engines like Google, the video content comes on the top, because it is the first preference of the users. Furthermore, videos are easy to understand and easy to share.

More elevated image treatments

Images play a crucial role in the field of web designing because there are different ways in which we can use images and enhance our website and draw the attention of users towards the website. There are various ways to play with images; you can add colours, drop a shadow, add graphics, make them black and white and much more. You can consider image treatment to take your business further in the competition.