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Web Design Tricks for Growing Business – Web Design Sri Lanka

The business should always be growing, and for that, you need to walk alongside the growing technology and trends. If you do not implement the latest trends, your business will fall back. One of the most important factors is the digital world and an up-to-date website. We, as one of the best web design company in Sri Lanka known about the latest tricks and trends in the digital world. So, here are some of the web design tricks for helping the growth of your business.

  • Video Landing Page

Including a video to your website always help you as people love to watch rather than read the boring content. In fact, a survey states that 78 percent of users spend time watching videos on the Internet. Use this feature to your optimum advantage by including a video landing page.

You can target this video landing page as a direct call to action button or include an immersive video that auto-plays on the homepage. Whichever way, it is sure that your visitors will find it alluring and spend more time on your website and understand your product or services better.

However, while using the concept of videos on your website, you have to keep a balance between page loading speed and video quality. A high-quality video may take time to load, which may affect the page loading speed that will lead to a lower ranking on search engines. So, it is always a better option to get advice from a professional web design company for designing and implementing a video landing page on your website.

  • Parallax Scrolling

The digital world has brought a number of things to our lives, and laziness is one of them. We have become so lazy that we don’t even like clicking buttons for gaining information. This brings in the concept of Parallax scrolling to the websites. When you enter parallax scrolling to your website, customers can view all the important information just with a simple swipe of a finger. This has brought in the concepts of single page websites as well as deep scrolling pages.

The feature also means that you get to prioritize your content and give all the important information to your customers in different frames. If you are a service provider or a small company, then contact freelance web designers in Sri Lanka or a web design company for a good an innovative design with latest trends.

  • Animated Calls to Action

Every website needs a call to action button – thanks to the fact that you need to explicitly tell your customers to do so every time. However, just adding a button isn’t enough anymore; you need to attract their attention. The best way you can do that is by adding a little animation to the call to action button. You can simply go for a micro-mini interaction or simple, catchy effect to let your customers get confirmation of completion.

Need advice? Contact us and we will give you the best design ideas for making the call to action button more appealing and compelling. You can also check our other web design Sri Lanka projects for some inspiration and ideas.

  • Artificial Intelligence

This feature has been trending for some while now, and if you haven’t included it on your website, then this is a perfect time. Artificial intelligence or AI has been used in different forms in websites – chatbots, machine learning, and personalization.

This makes your customers feel specific, whereas chatbots are the best way to interact with the customers and offer great quality service. These both features increase brand loyalty and your customers will return to you each time.

You can either add this feature to your current website design or revamp the website for including this feature to its best advantage. So, get professional advice or contact a good web development company in Sri Lanka for the best usage of this feature in your website.

  • Custom Typography

Lats trick under our sleeves is unique, custom typography. Don’t follow the same trend of Arial or Times New Roman, rather include something that goes with your brand identity for communicating with the customers. You can make use of different fonts, sizes, and shapes to bring attention to a specific point. However, make sure that you do not use a different font in every other line, that will only make it difficult and unsettling to read.

We would recommend you to get help from a web design company in Sri Lanka to find the best design ideas and unique concepts for your website according to your brand and business audience.