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If you have a small business, having a website is a need. Only in 2012, consumers spent more than $289 billion dollars on online sales. In fact, more than 80% of people who use the Internet have made at least 1 purchase online at some time. Today is the day, get a web page and make your business look more professional!

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For Small Businesses

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For Corporate Businesses

What’s basic web design ?

The basic web design is a tool to give more publicity and visibility to your business so that your potential customers can learn more about your company, as well as the products you offer.
Here some elements that your basic website must have:


This is a vital part in the design of your website and should be simple and easy to use (in addition to being very visible) so that any client can navigate your website and learn more about your brand without complications or delays.


This is the life of your website. Even if your site has the best audiovisual resources and better graphics effects, if it doesn’t have content about you or your products, then it won’t help at all. At least for the clients, you want to get.

Fast website

This is something necessary. If your website is very heavy/slow, you’ll lose clients who are interested in your product and can’t navigate correctly on your site ( Don't forget that you need a faster web hosting server too ).


Your name/logo has to be visible all the time so that your consumers know what they are seeing and what they should expect.

Mobile & User-Friendly

This is the life of your website. Even if your site has the best audiovisual resources and better graphics effects, if it doesn’t have content about you or your products, then it won’t help at all. At least for the clients, you want to get.

Fortunately for you, we offer all that ! So, don’t wait any longer and contact us to make your business look more professional.

Basic HTML web design

This is an easy, simple and quick way to create your website saving you money and time. Forget about paying more than $5,000 on a site, we can make your website come true for much less! If what you want is a simple and perfect website for a cheap budget, then use this option with us.

These types of websites are for anyone who’s developing their own small business or to offer professional services, although they’re not so appropriate for individuals who want more unique customizations.

Number of Pages and Pricing

You can count on us to design your basic website, we offer sites of 1 page, 5 pages or any number of pages. The budget will vary depending on the number of pages you want.

This is how we’ll create your site

We’re people dedicated to improving ourselves every day, and we’ll try to make your website more and more perfect. For that, our relationship with you as a client will always be close.

Here we leave you how the process of creating your website:

#Step 01

Let us know your request and ideas

In order to know what you want or how to create an ideal website for you, send us your request with all the possible details, with all your ideas and how you want your website to be at the end. We’ll also ask you to explain what you want for your site, how you want it and what you hope to obtain. We’ll try to make your idea a reality!

#Step 02

Once you accept, we’ll make an invoice for the initial payment

Our team is fully trained to carry out everything you ask, and that’s why we’re going to require you to make an initial payment to start. This payment will serve as confirmation of the project and to speed up the entire process so that your website is ready as soon as possible.

For this, we’ll make an invoice of 50% of the total amount of the web design cost and you can pay us online.

It’ll be after we confirm your payment that we’ll begin to make your website a reality.

#Step 03

Layout Design

We will provide a layout based on your requirements sent as a jpeg image.

Here we’re going to need your help: that you approve the layout, and if it’s necessary, indicate us if you want us to modify it.

#Step 04

Development and Content

Once you’ve agreed to the design suggestion, we’ll begin to develop it and turn it into a website. We’ll give you a provisional URL to approve the preliminary version.

It’s important to tell you that variations between the preliminary design and the final layout of the website are possible (between 3-10%, it’s minimal variation).

#Step 05

Website finalization

Once you’re happy with the result, you can make the final payment. That way we’ll give you a copy of the website and proceed to continue with the launch of the site.

#Step 06


After you’ve approved the preliminary version of your website, the best part comes: the launch! Your clients will be able to enter your site and know more about you and your products.

Contact us to start designing your site

If we’ve managed to convince you, then contact us right now to make you a budget according to your preferences. Our service is fast and efficient, so be prepared to have your dream website done quickly.

If you’ve got questions, you can also contact us for more information and we will gladly answer you.